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MY first Contribution -- Smooth Animation Transition between two skeletal poses


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this is my first contribution on GitHub



still dont fully understand how github works,,  ROFL

if U want to play animation with transitions,,,,,       simply ----- > scene.beginAnimation(target,from,to,loop,speedRatio,null,null,transitionSpeed)

transitionSpeed = 1   means no transition it works like it worked before

transition less than 1 will play current animation u want to play together with previous,,, with linearFADE-in     


try something like 0.1 its nice !


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I love mysterious!  :)  I love the pat-on-the-butt when the front avatar stops and the back avatar wants to keep going.  TOO funny! 

Nice work, RalphEl!  Thanks for contributing.

I am near-time to TRY to write documentation for the new "animation blending" feature.  Maybe it is used in Ralph's demo.  Maybe not. 

I need to learn learn learn.  But DK taught me SOME info... when he introduced the animation blending feature.  Again, Ralph... nicely done.

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