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Material using image with transparent background and keeping transparency


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What I would like to do:

Take an image with a transparent background and use it as a material  so that on a mesh you only see the foreground on a face and so when you look through a face you also see the foreground image on a back face. You can see the sort of effect I wish for below. At the moment not concerned about orientation just transparency.



When I try it in  a playground  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#YDO1F#4 the transparency is lost. Is there a way I should be doing it so that the transparency remains or do I need to write a new shader?

EDIT tried with gif - same result.



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Another request to develop this further. Suppose now I wanted to spread the image over the six sides rather like @jerome does in http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/CreateBox_Per_Face_Textures_And_Colors. I know it is a bit strange to split the dog up but it was just an handy image. Now orientation matters.

If this was the image I started with



this would be the results I was after.




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1 hour ago, JohnK said:

thank you for that. Your solution does not appear to show the images behind the others

I missed that.


If you turn off back face culling it shows the images behind.  The light looks a little off though.  


I just looked again and the z-sorting doesn't look quite right to me.

This one looks better:


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7 hours ago, adam said:

I don't understand how it is better.  It doesn't seem to be affected by the lights.  Maybe I'm missing something

Not sure NasimiAsl's solution is better here, because jerome's one uses the standard material, which shader is compiled in an optimised way inside BJS, so in terms of performance I think the standard method may be better. But I can be wrong.

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Great minds think alike. Unlike me you had the skills to have developed the idea so it works. A more irregular mesh and two textures. Perhaps when you have time you could put it into demos and projects and a playground to show how is done. I can see a usable extension.

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