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Phaser is 3 years old today!


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Phaser is the future of 2d game development w JS. It's just getting starting folks. Cannot wait to see where Lazer and JS / browser gaming is in several years from now.

I'm happy Rich is doing this, he's one of the main contributor's to the success of this "genre" of gaming, if you will.  We appreciate it, a lot!

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Hey rich. Thx for all your work.

You are very subtle about that topic, which is a good thing, but maybe you could point us to, or make a "How to support phaser" site at this occasion.

Things i want to know are the following:

  • How to report possible bugs?
  • How can we help you in weeding out tickets that might be user errors?
  • How to donate?
  • How to buy tutorials, merchandise or plugins?
  • How to get site banners to promote phaser?
  • How to get link exchange from projects made with phaser to your site and back? 

It would be cool to have that all on one site.

I found some banners on the main page, but id like to have an overview please. :)

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Congratulations on the continued hard work. You're facilitating a tool that helps bring our characters and worlds that only exist in our imagination to life - Phaser/Lazer is basically like lego for adults. 

The open source community seems like a somewhat thankless role sometimes - but I hope you continue to work on Phaser/Lazer, even if you don't always get the support who deserve. 

Thanks Rich!



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