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Best tools to program html5 games

Jacob Sam

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Hi guys,

Im using  Buildbox and Construct 2 to build my games... i found some constraints in Builbox because it does not allow me to do certain games like puzzle ones...

Construct 2 lincese is much cheaper...(i dont have to pay 99 dollars a month). So it is worth using it? Can i do eggerland mistery game using construct 2?

Or do you think there is other tools available for handling more complex games (2d games - i also have unity 3d installed). What do you think about it?

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Ultimately, if you want true freedom to create whatever you can think of, you'll have to learn to code without the help of a tool like Construct or Gamemaker, although, having said that you'll have to think about what you want because the potential increase in productivity these tools can give you is considerable.

Buildbox does seem very expensive, but, then again the quality of their showcase games looks exceptionally high (hard to tell though without having played them, nice graphics go a long way in a showcase! The gameplay might be janky or load times could be horrendous for all I know).

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I've been using Brackets for JavaScript although considering I already use Notepad++ for nearly everything else and it has language options for JavaScript and JSON I may switch to that. Brackets has autocomplete and there's a plugin that can make suggestions for Phaser if you start using that engine as your base.

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