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Does anyone using Softgames publisher program?


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Does anyone using Softgames publisher program? I haven't get paid for November and December. From December onwards my earning become very low. I asked them they said that the issues will be fixed soon. But it's been 2 months I am facing the same problem. Does anyone in this Forum having this issues. Can I switch over to Gamepix or Famobi publisher program?

Gamepix or Famobi which one is the best to earn more?

Please suggest me those and also please tell the both positive and negative of both Gamepix and Famobi publisher program.

Thanks for your time.

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7 hours ago, Spyro23 said:

Softgames seems to have strategy reviewing. Have you tried to contact them about your problem?

Yes, I have asked one month before, they said that the issue will be fixed soon, Now I asked about the issue but they didn't even respond.

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55 minutes ago, True Valhalla said:

Super typical response from companies that are in the process of going bankrupt. Wouldn't surprise me...

Hi True Valhalla,

Just now seen your blog, that's really amazing. For games publishers which game providers do you recommend most.

Do you have any experience with following game providers?

1. Softgames.

2. Famobi.

3. Gamepix.

4. 4j.

5. poki.

6. cloud games.

If any, could you please share, it will be very useful for a lot of game publishers like me.


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You can also try HTMLGames.com: http://www.htmlgames.com/html5-games-for-your-site/

300 games now and adding 2 games per week. But we do not have a system in place for revenu share. We are a small company and trying to keep as small and flexible as possible and not having any big administrative systems in place. All the money earned goes directly into new games we develop ourselves.

In our opinion: margins are very small. If we would allow rev sharing we wouldn't be able to develop new games. So all companies that have rev sharing with site publishers usually do not pay (their) developers enough.

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On 1/19/2017 at 6:35 PM, True Valhalla said:

@LukeK Personally I don't work with any of those publishers. Companies that distribute games to as many websites as possible for free are extremely damaging to the HTML5 market as a whole. Supporting companies like Soft Games and Famobi is like digging your own grave if you're a commercial developer. Contact Me if you'd like more advice.

I agree

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May I ask, True Valhalla, are those in your list the only companies you ever dealt with or are there more? I'm wondering about this because I am using your list as a reference. By the way, I was one of those who bought your book a few months ago.

Of course, there are many other companies absent from the list, like GamePix and the others. Googling about some of them from time to time often led to your posts saying to avoid them. I'm not really sure how to identify these companies that distribute games to as many websites as possible for free or companies that are damaging to the HTML5 market as a whole, so I would like to know what are the signs to watch out for.

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