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Simple furMaterial


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Thank you all :)

@Pryme8 Thanks for that! will check it out.

@Dad72 Thanks, I've tried furSpeed=0 but it doesn't work for me, so I'm using a high number for furSpeed, there is still animation but you can hardly see it, I think it's better now but still not sure, will also check it out.

@JCPalmer not sure about post processing but get into this playground get closer to the fur, open chrome's task manager and you'll see:


CPU can get much worse :)

I'm using macbook pro mid 2014.

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21 hours ago, Pryme8 said:

Might not be what you are looking for... but then again it may be?

This would be the least intensive computation method. 


You could probably get a good result using this technique with SPS and depth sorting.  

The new parenting feature in SPS might be useful for long hair.


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On 2/12/2018 at 2:57 PM, tomer said:

Is there any way to make it less compute intensive? perhaps disable the animation? (I don't need the animation any way just the effect)

It you do not need the animation then would the lower level mode not suit you? Note number of segments increased to "thin" fur




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This Chrome report tells you nothing.  I ran Firefox profiling for about 20 secs on the scene, without the editor showing.  Are you showing the editor?.  The highest BJS call amount was 1.17% of the total cpu consumed.  Looking at the Windows resource manager, I was show about 10% utilization for Firefox. 

GPU may be another matter, but your premise that fur consumes great CPU is not re-producable.  To check on gpu, I think you have to use a tool like @Sebavan's tool.


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Hey @tomer, removing the animation would not save the performances. Anyway I can add an option to deactivate because maybe you don't want animations just by setting a boolean :)

For the performances, I read a lot about fur computation in video games to get it rendered fast and it looked like we did not have enough tools/technologies for Web for instance (but really soon)!

Now with WebGL 2, maybe there are new way to compute fur using maybe geometry shaders. Will try to take a look again :)

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