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Import character from Mixamo.com + Blender

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I am trying to import an animated character from mixamo.com but without success. I am a developer, not a 3D Designer so I don't really understand what happening ^^

  • I go on mixamo.com, select a character and an animation (walking)
  • I check "in place" animation", export with ".dae" extension, 24 frames/s, uniform key frames reduction, with skin, and finally download the the character (zip),
  • I import the .dae in Blender, then export it with the BabylonJS exporter
    • I go an error in log : can't export because of armature
    • I read I just have to ctrl+A in Blender then scale => indeed, after that, the export is working, but it breaks the animation
  • If I continue, load the .babylon in babylon
    • I see the character loaded, with textures
    • But... animation make absurd things, the character is not "moving in place" but totally go away

It is not a direct Babylon problem : the problem is this "ctrl +A > scale" that breaks the animation.

My question is simple : after imported the .dae in Blender, what I have to do to export it correctly, with animation, in .babylon format ?

My goal is just to load ANY animated character in BabylonJS, ideally, a character moving, jumping, and crouching. That could be another question : how to get many animations from mixamo in a single export ? I understood we then just have to select frame index and play the good animation. So, loading few times the same character for different animation seems not very smart ^^

Thank you for your help

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Just one more thing:
I'm looking for an ideal pipeline (workflow?) of making good quality animated (and non animated) characters that can be imported into babylon.
And preferably with free or indie-pricerange tools. I'm still learning theese tools but I'm courious If someone can come up with a good , or better example of his/her workflow!

So something like:
- base mesh (in blender)
- sculpting (blender)
- retopology (blender)
- UV mapping, skinning (blender)
- Base texture baking (blender)
- Texturing, material painting (Substance painter, pixel art in blender, or hand painted in Krita?)
- auto rigging and animation (Mixamo)
- LOD generation (Simplygon)
- Importing into BABYLON. Preferaby .GLTF/.GLB or something PBR. The last part should be scaling and rotating into BABYLON coordinate system! (character should look into X+ direction and 1unit=1m high, character's origin should be at bottom, so foot on the ground)

Any good ideas?
Anyone has a good workflow?


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Oh and one More thing :)
Just a simple, "game jam" game can have 10-20 or more assets. So grouping them (and all LODs) into one file is a must.
I was doing this with blender of course, but not PBR and not animated meshes.
I made it possible to load textures from a zip file with JSZIP, but I don't know how to make this with .GLTF/.GLB or other file formats.
Every loader  is URL based.

So we have a big problem space here :)

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Hy there @yLacaute

I use this when fusing different animations to the mix amount model...go to the website and download just the armature of the next animation you want(let's say running.fbx)...import to the blender scene where you have your mixamo model(let's say idle.fbx)..make sure the armature of the model is in pose mode...then go to the dopesheet..open actions buillder, select running.fbx. copy the keyframes from running.fbx on the right. Select the armature for idle.fbx, then paste the keyframes on the same clip. Just before that, use the marker to space so as not to override previous animations

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On 3/3/2018 at 5:02 AM, BitOfGold said:

And how to combine animations?
Or should we make a "combiner" in BABYLON?
I think it's doable, if the only difference is the bone matrixes, same bones same texture and everything.
Or can Blender do this somehow?
And blender does not export PBR. (Blender is not really PBR in 2.79)


The Blender exporter will export multiple actions for a mesh or armature by default.  As long as it is the only mesh being exported, there is nothing to do.  Technically, the BJS supports one animation, so the exporter makes one big animation with gaps.  You then start them using the BABYLON.Range's also exported.  This also allows you to start by name, the same name as the Blender Action name.

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and I have a question too, I selected a character from mixamo  with several animations. I know how to import a character and set an animation for it and export as babylonjs, but i don't know how to import multi animation in blender and export as babylon until i load the mesh with several skeleton. my question is, how to import a character and several animation to blender and export as babylon as multi skeleton result? thank you

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