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Found 8 results

  1. There is a TRIP game at The game uses a p-code. The p-code was written in HTML5 JavaScript. The home page is You are to minimize the time for going from one CITY to another CITY. The roads have different distances and speed limits. The game is solved by using DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING. DP solves the game by advancing in time to find the lowest time for each city. There are 100 different games. This game is written in a p-code. The p-code is executed by a p-code engine. If you click on PROGRAM in the RED STRIPE at the top, you can view the p-code programs. The p-code engine can execute the programs and it can edit the programs.There is a DATA option that allows you to see the program's data as it is being executed. There is a TRAIL option that allows you to execute the program in small steps. There is an RT, Real Time, option that allows you to change the program as it is executing. There are many YouTube videos that will show you how it works.
  2. I recently started development for web. Unfortunately I came from C++ world, as I already mentioned in the topic about our game. I would like to know, what do experienced web developers use to implement network protocol? Especially I am interested in real time multiplayer games, when latency should be minimized and message size is critical. I know a bit about Google protocol buffers and Apache thrift. But at the end I reinvented the wheel. Enjoy some C++ bullshit, if you want:
  3. Some time ago, we launched what turned out to be a really popular browser game: TANX. It's an online tank battle game and it's designed to be all about instant mayhem and fun. But we always felt as though it wasn't pushing WebGL hard enough. So we've spent the last few months revamping it. Here's the result: It's now using the PBR (physically based rendering) support in PlayCanvas. The level, tanks and power ups have all been rebuilt from scratch. So, it's the same great gameplay but with fancy new graphics. Read more about it here. And if you want to play, head to: Please send us your feedback and suggestions. Want to help us out? We'd really appreciate a retweet: See you on the battlefield.
  4. Good evening guys, I am looking for an Expert HTML5 Game Developer to be based in Hamburg. Please get in touch with Will Roeder +44 7809 471749 +44 203 745 7901 Description HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL are your passion. You like to get started with the latest online developments right away. You believe strongly in open standards. You take pleasure in applying your experience and expertise to ensuring that games made with HTML5 and Javascript stay on the right track. You're not afraid to try out future technologies. As an Expert HTML5 Game Developer - Game Technology (m/f), you will serve as the driving force behind the technical design of our new HTML5 area. Your passion and expertise lie in the development and implementation of new ideas. You give yourself ambitious goals, chase them, and inspire others to do so. As an Expert HTML5 Game Developer - Game Technology (m/f), you will form a part of our game core team. The game core team develops and maintains the libraries for our games and manages their integration into the studios. Place: Hamburg Country: Germany Contract Type: Full time Contract Duration: Open ended Education: Master's Degree Language Englisch (Fluent, Must have) Deutsch (Advanced, Nice to have) Candidates must have: – Experience with WebGL – Practical experience with Git – Experience with network communication / HTTP / Websockets / – Experience developing games with JavaScript and HTML5 – Passionate about gaming Candidates nice to have: – Experience with Unity3D is advantageous – Experience with ES6 and Typescript Career Level: – Senior Professional / Project Manager Sectors: Gaming Industry Functional Specialization: Software / System Architecture Software / Web Development Required Skills: Your job: Act as a catalyst in HTML5 for all issues related to technical optimization and development Assess the technical feasibility of a suitable framework and its expansion based on the specific adjustments required Select and evaluate tools that can perform WebGL exports Serve as the first point of contact for all questions regarding our HTML5 architecture Develop game prototypes in HTML5/JS/WebGL Develop HTML5 software libraries Develop HTML5 game development workflows and best practices Scrutinize and improve existing workflows Your profile: Several years of experience developing games with JavaScript and HTML5 Experience with WebGL Experience with one or several frameworks, such as Construct 2, Cocos2d-js, three.js, CreateJS, Phaser, etc. Practical experience with Git Experience with network communication / HTTP / Websockets / You are curious about new technologies Experience with other programming languages is advantageous Experience with Unity3D is advantageous Passionate about gaming Optional: experience with ES6 and Typescript Excellent written and spoken English We offer: Your professional growth is important to us. We provide agile structures, flat hierarchies, and ongoing training opportunities Results-oriented teamwork that values employee contribution A positive work-life balance with sports, catering, counseling, and active feedback Leading technology and analysis opportunities that give you the freedom to innovate Sustainable and profit-oriented growth, untouched by external investors
  5. Currently i am making a HTML game. I want to get revenue from advertisements but i don't know which ad network is the best for me. I used Google's AdSense (for YouTube) for 1 years and it was really good. But it seems like i can't use it on one-page games. I find AdMob but i think it's for only Android and iOS... What do you think about best ad network for web games? Which one you use?
  6. We’re excited to announce the alpha release of AppWarpS2, our on-premise gaming server solution! We launched AppWarp cloud less than a year ago and have seen great adoption in the multiplayer developer community. One of the features often requested was the ability to host and extend the server side by the developers themselves. The release of AppWarpS2 fulfills those requirements. AppWarpS2 allows developers to tap in and extend the same server engine that powers our cloud product. Using our server side libraries and SDK, developers have the ability to build their own full-fledged Java game server. Popular cloud features of matchmaking, room properties, arbitration, connection resiliency etc. are all available out of the box. On the client side, developers will use the same cross-platform SDKs (iOS, Android, WP, Flash, Unity, Marmalade etc.) that they use when developing for the cloud. AppWarpS2 comes with great getting started guides and samples for different scenarios and client platforms. From simple chat server to MMO applications and casino style card game samples are included in the package. Conforming with ShepHertz developer-friendly strategy, AppWarpS2 will be free for developers up-to 500 CCUs. This is a high free threshold which spares developers of having to worry about license costs unless their games become wildly successful. Visit our AppWarpS2 page to register, log-in and download the setup. Contact us on support@shephertz.comfor any further queries.
  7. suyashmshephertz

    [Tutorial] Game Physics in Multiplayer Games

    I have been trying to learn how to make multi-player games. One thing I learned is that making multi-player games is more difficult than single player games and involves lot of challenges that are not present in single player games. One such challenge is to implement game physics in them. I learned the basics and decided to share my knowledge, and hence wrote two articles for beginners like me. If there is some mistake please tell me Synchronizing Game Physics in Multiplayer Games - Game Physics in Multiplayer Game Development -
  8. suyashmshephertz

    Cloud-Based Multiplayer Gaming Engine for HTML5

    Shephertz Technologies' AppWARP also has support for HTML5 With AppWarp you can create real-time multiplayer games without writing single line of server code. You can simply make calls to our server through APIs and exchange messages with players in real-time. The HTML5 SDK is 100% compatible with all frameworks, allowing developers to make realtime multiplayer games in their favorite framework. It features room/lobbies. Every room has some properties that can be set easily whenever developer want. You can even assign custom data to players and rooms. Another feature is Match Making. We have great documentation too. There are several features apart from above. Please check out our website API Reference - The above link contains: SDK Download link, API reference, Tutorial, Samples Walk-through, Introduction, etc HTML5 Game made with AppWarp :-