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[Panda 2] Diamond Dasher

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Swap two diamonds to match three or more. Popular match 3 style game with 3D diamonds. The game itself is a pretty basic match 3 game, the purpose of this project was to demonstrate how easy it is to combine 2D and 3D graphics in HTML5 game with Panda 2. Available on Web, Apple App Store and Google Play.

Created using Panda 2 game development platform. I used Pixi and Three.js plugins together to combine 2D and 3D rendering in same WebGL canvas. Exported to app stores straight from Panda 2 using Adobe PhoneGap cloud building.

All graphics created with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

3D Models
Modelled with free Blender 2.79. All models exported as OBJ files that can be loaded with Three.js plugin.

Music / SFX
Composed and produced with Logic Pro X. Used KORG M1 plugin for some nice (?) 90's sounds.


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Great looking game, the voice announcer and overall presentation is very professional. Though it drops you straight into the game no tutorial/instructions or options or anything.

Also I think there's a minor game-play bug, sort of. When you select two gems that are too far apart it will deselect the first gem, which is correct. However, when the gem stops spinning it sometimes is in a sideways position, I mean you see it from the side and you can't see which shape it is (triangle, round etc.). I think the gems should always be front-facing, especially for colorblind players.

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Gameplay is a bit basic but as a tech demo it works really well and looks very polished!

Could you explain how you actually combined pixi and three? Is it 2 canvases overlaid on top of each other, or are they both sharing the same canvas?

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