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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I will present two games made by Mugeen Games (http://mugeengames.com/). Mugeen Games consists of me (https://twitter.com/Hugeen/) (development) and my wife (http://www.lalouvearayures.fr/galleries) (with graphics), we design games for fun. Our first game is a Snake-Life named Snake Em All (http://www.mugeengames.com/snake-em-all/). Our second game is a short platformer named Dreamless (http://www.mugeengames.com/dreamless/). We are currently making a new game a little more consistent. Feel free to leave feedback on gameplay and art :-) Thank you, Cyrille
  2. Hi, I write blog articles about creating html5 games. In those articles I explained how to create a game step by step. My English skills are pretty bad so I can not translate articles myself. If you can speak French, feel free to translate and / or uses those articles as you wish. Create a Snake like with Crafty : https://hugeen.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/introduction-a-la-creation-dun-jeu-html5-avec-crafty/ Create a Platformer with ImpactJS : https://hugeen.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/introduction-a-la-creation-dun-jeu-html5-avec-impactjs/ Create a Match3 with CreateJS : http://hugeen.wo
  3. Just a work in progress...very buggy and very unprofessional. I am only 14 right now, and am only working on this in my free time. It uses the CraftyJs engine. I have hardcoded in every single block. The only thing that is really original is the fact that it makes use of the whole webpage.The thing that pops up will be a little comic describing the story. I can't get the link to work...so just copy and paste it in... http://bunnygame.comuf.com There is nothing after ENTER THE DUNGEON! One thing I should mention is that the release on the website will not always be stable or whatever becau
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