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Found 22 results

  1. It has been a long road of learning, but I think I finally have my first attempt at a multiplayer game ready for some more public testing and feedback. I still have some work to do, and the art is only what I could do largely on my own and with some friends helping. Hardpoint is a online tank battle game where two teams of up to 5 each battle for the map objective. Each core chassis has numerous weapon locations (hardpoints) that can be outfitted with machine guns, rocket launchers, missiles, flame throwers, and more. Each tank crew can bring up to three different perks to the battle as w
  2. With iOS 8 using the new WKWebview and greatly improving app performance it caused some controversy about the fate of non-broswer wrappers. I am wondering if that caused html5 game devs to switch wrappers. If you can vote on the poll which wrapper do you currently use and why?
  3. Hey, I have started a course on Impact http://ansimuz.com/site/game-design-tutorials i will update it weekly if possible and will share my experiences and knowledge i learn wile making Elliot Quest during 2 years of full-time development.
  4. Hi HTML5 dev fellows, We at Monkey Wrench Games would like to show off our newest HTML5 game. The game is called "Bobo Jump" developed with impactjs framework. Bobo Jump is our first try to develop a game with HTML5 technology and it was a lot of fun. The idea behinds it is that we would like to create a game with jumping mechanic that is easy to play but take time to get good at it. You can play to compete score against your Facebook friends too. Looking forward to hear your feedback. Play it at https://apps.facebook.com/bobojump Video Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN
  5. Hi guys, Been fiddling around with Impactjs gaming framework - the result is my new html5 arcade game "coons escape". Would be awesome to get some feedback before I start modifying the basic game. Thank you
  6. I'mworking on a new game, Bit Wars. It's a strategic game where player move terrain instead of units. The core mechanics are tree units like paper-stone-scissors and a tree terrain types. Sprite test: Test latest version: latest alpha builds at: w84death.itch.io/bit-wars Source code: https://github.com/w84death/BitWars/
  7. I created this game Bleu et Rouge for this years Clay io's Got Game? competition It is a fast paced bullet hell shooter that is inspired by ikaruga with the switching of colors. The objective is to get the highest score possible! Play Now! Also don't forget to rate the game after you play it Thanks!
  8. Hey everybody! I'm new in this site and just wanted to share my newest game. It's a simple pixel race game. I built this game with Impactjs framework and it uses clay.io for the leaderboards. I hope you enjoy Play: http://ned.im/pixel-race-game
  9. I developed this game for Android 2 years ago, and now I ported it to HTML5 using ImpactJS. It's a "Connect 4" game, but with these cute creatures called Baviux. Link to play: http://connect4.baviux.com Hope you like it! Please post your feedback! :-)
  10. http://flatchybird.com/ We decided to bust out yet another Flappy Bird clone. Our initial goal was two days, but its looking a little more like 3.5 days at this point for the web version. We thought a farting bird would be pretty funny. We repurposed some of the artwork from another one of our games to save a little time and built it using ImpactJS. There is a leader board that records your best score. Admittedly, I sucked at Flappy Bird and I'm not that much better at Flatchy Bird so I expect you will beat my highscore pretty quickly. There are still some minor bugs and such, but overall
  11. Game for the Global Game Jam hackhaton made in less than 48h. Hack'n'Slash in Monty Python theme about the Brave Sir Robin on his jurney to protect the Holy Grail (and himself). More info: http://p1x.in/p1g/brave_sir_robin
  12. PooM is a simple and fast platform game for up to four players. Challange Your friends! Age 4+, no violence. No download requied. Gamepads recommended (but not implemented jet). You controll one of the four character: blue, green, orange and pink. The goal is to collect as many block that match color of the character. There are many power-ups that affect the gameplay. Each player can put bomb that can destroy oponents and some items on maps (like wooden bridges). Music made by rezoner (rezoner.net) More info: http://p1x.in/p1g/poom
  13. A sneek peak at our first HTML5 real-money slot gambling game "Fruity Tooty" created with ImpactJS. https://nuevogames.com/fruityTooty/index.html It is high-resolution on desktop and also works on mobile. There are two bonus games as well. Very interested in feedback regarding "Is this game fun?", which browsers/platforms it works well in and which browsers/platforms it does not work well in (or not at all). Does it take too long too load on mobile? What does this game need to bring it to the "next level"? Thanks in advance! http://FlippyFoxStudios.com
  14. Ansimuz

    Snake Enemy

    Hi, What would be the logic or best way to create a entity followed by other entities to create a snake made of linked entities. For example a head entity that will be followed by other entities that form the body of the snake. BTW i am using impactJS
  15. Hello, I will present two games made by Mugeen Games (http://mugeengames.com/). Mugeen Games consists of me (https://twitter.com/Hugeen/) (development) and my wife (http://www.lalouvearayures.fr/galleries) (with graphics), we design games for fun. Our first game is a Snake-Life named Snake Em All (http://www.mugeengames.com/snake-em-all/). Our second game is a short platformer named Dreamless (http://www.mugeengames.com/dreamless/). We are currently making a new game a little more consistent. Feel free to leave feedback on gameplay and art :-) Thank you, Cyrille
  16. Your are a programmer at big, boring company. Your mission is to go to work, spend 8h in it, do work and get back to home. Every mission is another day in work. If you can do this for full month: You get paid and thus win the game. But You can be fired also. Or die. Like in real corporation. There is all the others employees controlled by real players. They have the same mission - be a good employee. The only NPCs are the managment. They always feel like they makes decision randomely after all. More info (and some pre-alpha build) at http://p1x.in/blg/office_people
  17. Hi, I am trying to give gamepad support to my impactjs game. Its there a nice script easy to use that you can recommend. Im kind of lost have tried several but no luck.
  18. We have hackaton in our work and this is my entry to the contest. I'll be coding this game at 5.11.2013. Tradeswoman Simulator - a 2D top-down arcade-simulation game. The main goal is to teach primary students new words for fruits and vegetables, as well as basic principles of economy (revenue vs. customer satisfaction). More info and updated content: http://p1x.in/blg/tradeswoman_simulator Do You recognize all the fruits and veggies? Do You have some nice idea/note to mention? p.s. I have the hope that after the hackaton I will make another version of the game with multiplayer. Every t
  19. Hi, I write blog articles about creating html5 games. In those articles I explained how to create a game step by step. My English skills are pretty bad so I can not translate articles myself. If you can speak French, feel free to translate and / or uses those articles as you wish. Create a Snake like with Crafty : https://hugeen.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/introduction-a-la-creation-dun-jeu-html5-avec-crafty/ Create a Platformer with ImpactJS : https://hugeen.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/introduction-a-la-creation-dun-jeu-html5-avec-impactjs/ Create a Match3 with CreateJS : http://hugeen.wo
  20. Hi all, I released "Kyoto Yokai Attack". It is an exciting shooting game. Try here on Browser: http://www.pipo.jp/yokai/ Try here on Android Device: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.pipo.yokai&hl=en Game description: "Kyoto Yokai Attack" is an exciting shooting game. Mayumaro (our pretty hero) fights against Yokai (the supernatural monsters) who appeared in Kyoto. Anyone can play this game, because its operation is very simple. The hard mode for skilled gamer is also provided. Technical Details: * 100% JavaScript powered by ImpactJS (http://impactjs.com/) *
  21. Hey, I just uploaded my latest game. It's a tower defense where you have to build a maze in order to survive. 6 different creeps, 5 different upgradeable towers, 2 maps, 2 difficulty modes. It's a OneGameAMonth entry so it's pretty basic, but I'm happy about it. What do you think? Play it here: http://doobdargent.com/1GAM/GSTD/ Cheers!
  22. The post title says it all really but if anybody's interested in impact JS it's down to half price until April 8th. This sale came at the perfect time for me - I was about to buy it this week anyway http://impactjs.com/buy-impact
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