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Found 24 results

  1. I've finished porting my Snake Slider puzzle game using Phaser. >> Snake Slider playable demo << It's a unique sliding puzzle game. The goal is to move the green snake to the exit. You can slide any snake by dragging them by their head or tail. Use as few moves as possible to earn all three coins. There also are apples and mushrooms that will make the snakes longer or shorter, blocks to push around and locks to unlock. The game also features hand-drawn graphics and multi-language support. It's based on an older iPhone/Android game, this is the JavaScript version which is completely re-written. It's powered by Phaser and it's slightly improved compared to the older version; it has an animated tutorial hand, a visible cursor, sound effect when moving, and overall more animations (menus, buttons etc). Let me know what you think. Can you can solve all levels?
  2. Hey guys, Sorry if it is trivial stuff, but I have not found any solution to this issue anywhere. What I have: I have a snake grid-based game with enemies which could move as well. Snake speed can vary and it could move faster or slower, as well as the enemies speed. The animation is independent of the rest of the game, so I just move snake and enemies every N ms one tile and then redraw their positions. What is the issue: This animation does not provide smooth snake movement, because it moves by tiles (120px) and I am struggling to make a smooth snake and enemies movement. What have I tried: I tried to move enemy and snake every 30 frames and then make a tween animation with 30 frames delay to the destination enemy/snake x/y coordinates. When the snake moved faster, I waited 20 frames. This solution is really ugly and if frames drop occurs, the whole game starts to freeze. Also, different fps provide different game speed. Please advise me how I can achieve the smooth movement, I want to have the animation independent of the main game loop which moves everything by tiles, and I want to have the ability to increase/decrease the speed of snake and enemies. Thanks!
  3. Impossible Snake is a game I've been working on (see posts here and here) and it's now available on the Android playstore. Impossible Snake on Coolmath Games: http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-impossible-snake Impossible Snake on Android Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bdrgames.impossiblesnake.ads Impossible Snake on kongregate - http://www.kongregate.com/games/BdRGames/impossible-snake Impossible Snake on newgrounds - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698543 It is a one-button game, meaning that you control the snake with only single taps on the screen. Every time you tap the snake will toggle between turning clockwise and counter-clockwise. Eat all apples to complete a level, the last three levels are almost impossible.. almost. There is also a VS multiplayer mode, where 2 players can compete on the same device. Player one taps on the top half and player two taps on the bottom half to control their snake. Eat the most apples to win.
  4. Hi, I have been working on my first full game and decided to try a snake clone. I haven't followed any kind of tutorial and have just been trying to get to grips with the framework. I am however having a few issues and have been stuck for a couple of hours to try and fix a couple of annoying bugs. The first main issue I have with my game is that collisions don't seem to be firing correctly. I have tried to set one up when the head of the snake collides with any of the tail elements which just restarts the game state for testing purposes. This seems to however try to trigger another function which should only happen when a player collides with food. I am guessing I need to setup my collision handlers differently in order to fix this. The other bug is that when a bit of food has been eaten a new sprite it created but just before it does it gets added randomly to somewhere on the screen then disappears but I can't work out why that would be. I setup a git repo of my project so far on github and it can be found here: https://github.com/jaymeh/phaser-snake If someone could offer some advice as to what I can do to fix this I would be very grateful. Thanks
  5. Hello! I'm selling my new HTML5 game "Neon Snake" - http://powerthemes.eu/snake/ It was never published before. It has 30 levels and takes at least 40-60 min to win all af them. And it also has endless mode, where players can make high scores. Contact me if you are interested. Best regards.
  6. Hi, Here is my first game; Snake, HTML5 snake game with pixi.js. Play: http://oguzhaneroglu.com/games/snake/ Source: https://github.com/rohanrhu/snake I hope this helps to learning game development with pixi.js. Happy coding..
  7. My first HTML5 Game, Snaked.io (So exciting! ) Every since playing the famous revolutionary agar.io game, I was inspired to create my own "io" game, so here it is! I took the classic version of Snake, and made it multiplayer Snaked.io (Server may take a while to connect, and a bit laggy due to it being free from Heroku) Basically, what I want to know is (preferably 1-10 scale): Do you like the concept? How easy was it to understand how to play? What would you add/change? Any bugs? (For now, may experience lag) What do you think of the name of the game? Anything else that comes into mind, please add! Gameplay Objective of the game is to eat the gray squares causing you to extend your length, while avoiding crashing into yourself, or others. Become the longest of them all! Controls W or ^ - Up S or v - Down A or < - Left D or > - Right Enter - Chat Hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it! SCREENSHOTS Screenshot (1) Screenshot (2)
  8. Play the game! Video Trailer Snake Runner is a fast paced top-down endless runner game inspired by the classic Snake game. It introduces a new gameplay concept based on a single tap control movement scheme. Your goal is to move the snake through an endless dungeon trying to survive as long as possible. You need to eat all food on your way and avoid all deadly obstacles such as walls, barriers, electric fields and so on. To control the snake just press space bar or left click to turn the snake 90 degree's towards the closest pickup!
  9. Mineslither: Play snake and minesweeper simultaneously. You need to uncover mines to feed your snake, which you must do constantly or else it will starve. http://www.kongregate.com/games/omp_/mineslither Controls: - WASD / Cursor Keys: Move Snake - Left click: Explore square - Right click: Flag mine - F11 - full screen The game uses the DawnBringer 32 color palette. I made all graphics except for the minesweeper tiles which I pilfered from the original game.
  10. I'm using Phaser and TypeScript to create a Snake game with multiple snakes and my question is about the general structure of the program. My question is: What is the best way to structure the data for such a game using Phaser.js? So I mean which variable types to use for the snakes, walls, apples etc. when the key features of the game would be: Everything is placed on a grid There are multiple snakes that can grow and shrink during a game Snakes move on a timer from tile to tile (so no smooth animation in-between tiles) There are walls, the layout differs per level but doesn't change during a game Food item appear randomly and can be eaten by the snakes The snakes are build up out of several sprites, and they will display the shape of the snake including the bends and turns with shadow effect etc. These snake-parts need to be updated as the snake moves/shrinks/grows. For each move the game will need to check if the snakeheads bumps into something, either a wall or a food item or another snake (or its own tail). I was first thinking of using just one big two-dimensional array, fill it with integers to represent all in-game items. And then another two-dimensional arry filled with sprites, make all those sprites invisible, and then for each move set the sprites (frame number/visibility) in the corresponding array positions. Array[x][y] (entire play area) with integers representing all items, 1=snakehead 2=snake-part-up .. 8=apple, 9=wall etc. Array[x][y] (entire play area) | +- Phaser.Sprite But a better approach would be to use Phaser.Group to group each snake, and then a separate Phaser.Group to hold all the food items and maybe also the walls. And for the hit detection/eat food etc. there need to iterate all groups children against all other groups children. Another thing is that each snake also needs to hold some extra information (head position, direction) and I can't easily extend default classes (using Type Script) array[snakes] | +- Phaser.Groups (a group for each snake) | +- Phaser.Sprites (snake parts) Phaser.Group (FOOD + WALLS) | +- Phaser.Sprite (sprite for each apple or mushroom) For the hit detection/eat food etc. it makes more sense to just put it in a two-dimensional array because everything is on a grid, and then you can simply lookup the grid positions to see if something is in it. So, I'll be glad to hear any ideas on this.. Btw I've already seen this Phaser Snake tutorial but that example does not address the issues with multiple snakes and the snake parts sprites.
  11. I made a snake game with javascript and HTML5 coding. The only thing im missing now is a leaderboard that works with names and the score. Top score of all time at the top and the ranks downwards from 1-10. "You" should be there too, even if you are at 51. place, that would show under the 10. place. Does anyone have a clue to make this work? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi guys, I am an amateur HTML5 game developer who has started developing games not long ago. Here is my first game Snakey, from the inspiration of the retro classic Snake game of Nokia phone. Since the game back then was meant for children, I tried to retain the boyish character with the images and the ever addicting appeal is available in tons. Guys, this is my very first game and I want to know what you feel about this game. I would like to improvise it in every way possible. But, I will need your support.I need alpha-testers for this game. You can give me the reviews by clicking the text "Help us make better". The link to the game is: http://mahesh.hostingsiteforfree.com/snakey/snakey.html Hope you enjoy the gaming experience. snakey.ico
  13. ponce


    Crajsh is a simple game we made back in early 2011. I remember getting the sound to work, the GC not to pause, and the canvas to go fast enough was a bit of a challenge (Firefox was at version 3.6). Play it: http://www.gamesfrommars.fr/crajsh
  14. Hi! I'm here to show you my new work, a pure HTML5 implementation of Snake. The game is similar the original one, you have to eat food and grow up without touch te screen border or yourself. Gameplay is very simple: to move the snake use arrow keys; ESC or P for pausing game. Thers'a a rank of players' scores. SNAKE Play it here - http:/lorecioni.github.io/snake/ Thank you in advance for feedbacks! Lorenzo
  15. Greetings, Here is an introduction to my latest HTML5 game project. “Tipsy roundelay” is small but well replayable game which uses well known “snake” mechanics of leading the roundelay. Player will have to explore rooms and to involve as many characters as he can. Game is adapted for mobile web (screen scaling and touch controls) and also runs great on desktop browsers (with alternative controls of course). Link to play - http://taburetka-games.com/v13/tr/ I'm looking for a sponsor so if you can advice me some publisher i will be really greatful.
  16. hello everyone, I'm currently working on a snake-like game and I'm having some problems with the collision between the head and the body of the player, the thing is... they're not colliding!! the head just pass through the body. this is the code I'm using to check it: game.physics.arcade.collide(this.player, this.playerBody, this.playerDie, null, this); the body of the snake is set as a group, and the head is just a sprite.. I hope someone can help me!
  17. Play Curvatron (Web) Get Curvatron for Android Some info: Tested on Chrome but should work on any HTML5 capable browser. Some stuff might not work properly on all browsers, like the text fonts, sound effects, or music. Also works on mobile browsers (single player only), but there will probably be performance issues. Me and a friend of mine made this game in about a week. We just finished cleaning up some bugs so we could release this Beta and see what people think of the game. Still needs to be optimized, performance will drop when players get too big. Single Player: There aren't any instructions in the game for now, so if you're lost: you can control the snake by using the Q key (default, can be changed) or by clicking/touching the screen. This makes the rotating snake change directions. Regular snake rules apply, with the player colliding with itself and collecting the gold circles to make itself bigger. Multiplayer: Each player is assigned a button, and the players don't collide with themselves, only with each other. The biggest player gets the crown, and the last player to have the crown wins. Ties don't really work very well right now. The basic single player mode is pretty much completely done (although we have a lot of ideas for other game modes), but the multiplayer mode still needs some work. Should still be fun with a few friends. Good luck trying to play with 8 people on the same keyboard, though. I still need to work on some stuff so people can use any key on the keyboard and not just the letters/numbers, and also let people play with a game controller. Hope you like it, but if you don't, please tell me why
  18. Hey, I am building a snake game using Javascript , I succesfully made it. Just having a problem when playing on mobile devices, it hangs for a minute when the snake eats the food then creates a new food, I attached a link of Codepen,, any help regarding this issue will be great. Link : http://codepen.io/crazyboy24/pen/fChtL/ Thanks in advance.
  19. I had a dream, that I could one day make the most original game ever. Unfortunately, last night I couldn't sleep, and I came up with a snake clone within a few hours instead. You can try the game at http://snake.tap2play.io/ This could have been my second entry for JS13K after Virtual War, but I consider that competitions should be clone-free, unless they do bring something new (I was too angry last time when somebody beat me with a clone...). The game is aimed for mobile devices mostly, but works on desktop as well. So before you say it is too slow, keep in mind that it has to remain playable on mobile. All you have to do is to swipe towards the direction you wish your snake to go. There is also a leaderboard, so you can try to get the high score. Play the game I am open to feedback of course (otherwise I wouldn't post here). If anyone is interested in pathfinding algorithms, I would be curious about if there is a simple method to find the path even when the tail is moving (I use A* in the menus). So far the algorithm considers that the tail will always be there, and therefore the path is not always the shortest, which sometimes leads to a failure. My guess is that for each node keep the updated matrix in memory, but I'd rather avoid that.
  20. Hello everyone! I'm here to let you discover the first game that I publish on the internet. (Because in reality this is my second game). So to explain the game, it's a mixture (at least in my mind) between a snake and a armagetron. The name itself comes from (Tron + Snake = Trake). This game has been developed to be played with friends on a single keyboard. You can play alone but there is really no interest. The two main additions are the ability to shoot and sprint. For the rest, you will discover soon enough . Commands to control the different snakes are explained on the homepage of the game It is currently hosted on "itch.io" and you can play it at: http://jordan-aupetit.itch.io/trake As regards the technical aspect, it has been realized with the Framework Html5 Phaser JS. For the future, it has been recommended to me to create a version that would be playable on the internet. It would also be possible to add bots to play alone. I especially awaiting the opinion of the people to decide the result of this project. Finally, the game has been tested on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox without any problems. Do not hesitate to give me your feedback! Update (08/15/2014) - Bots - Graphic changes - Bug fix
  21. Hello! Click me! Me (@Thunraz) and my friend @Laguna_999 wrote a little game for #1GAM March 2014. It's called Hexagon Snake and (as the name suggests) you play Snake on a Hexagon grid. Feel free to tweet your high scores. There's a button that appears in the top right for your convenience. The game should be playable on desktop as well as mobile browsers. Please let us know if your configuration does not work. We used Phaser 1.6, Cubase, Piskel, Aseprite, SFXR and Inkscape. If you have any sort of critique - be it positive or negative - let it out!
  22. Ansimuz

    Snake Enemy

    Hi, What would be the logic or best way to create a entity followed by other entities to create a snake made of linked entities. For example a head entity that will be followed by other entities that form the body of the snake. BTW i am using impactJS
  23. Hello, I will present two games made by Mugeen Games (http://mugeengames.com/). Mugeen Games consists of me (https://twitter.com/Hugeen/) (development) and my wife (http://www.lalouvearayures.fr/galleries) (with graphics), we design games for fun. Our first game is a Snake-Life named Snake Em All (http://www.mugeengames.com/snake-em-all/). Our second game is a short platformer named Dreamless (http://www.mugeengames.com/dreamless/). We are currently making a new game a little more consistent. Feel free to leave feedback on gameplay and art :-) Thank you, Cyrille
  24. Hi guys! I want to show you some of my work. This game i made in a 3 days. While i was having a bath, an idea came to my head. What if i could use this cool css3 transitions in game, they look pretty cool and you can code them in one line. And then the i've got it. Snake !. It was fun and quick to implement and now i can show you my work. It simple game so i don't use any 3rd party libraries besides sound, where i used soundjs from createjs project. Hope you enjoy it ! PLAY
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