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Found 5 results

  1. uzudil

    Merc 0.4

    Please check out v0.4 of Merc - a slow moving, retro, 3d adventure game. (Think of it like a "lost" sequel to the 80s game "mercenary".) New in this release: - more/better game models - shader lighting - memory and frame-rate optimizations - bugfixes http://uzudil.github.com/merc Thanks! --u
  2. Hi, I'm looking for translators for my slow moving, retro, adventure game Merc. (Think of it like a "lost sequel" to the 80s game "mercenary".) Here is the game: http://uzudil.github.io/merc/ And if you speak another language and want to try translating some of it, please try this link: https://poeditor.com/join/project/oD3YmZFxAE Let me know if you run into trouble! Thanks, --u
  3. uzudil


    Take a look my slow-moving, retro, 3d adventure game "Merc". It's an alternate sequel to the 80s game "mercenary" for the commodore computers. Play the game: http://uzudil.github.io/merc/ And if you feel like contributing: https://github.com/uzudil/merc The game can be completed and has various endings depending on your choices. Thanks! --U
  4. Hello, i am working on this little retro 2d platformer, especially to study and improve my pixel art abilities. I use the c64 color palette & 8x8 tiles to achieve a retro look. You can already test/play some levels at itch.io -> http://chupup-games.itch.io/jump-boy
  5. This is epically well done! http://impossible-mission.krissz.hu/
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