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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! First post here. I'm currently experimenting with the gamepad API and I'm trying to capture the motion/orientation of my dualshock 3 to build controls for a new game project. I was wondering if anyone had manage such a thing and managed to make it work in the browser? It seems that WebVR makes use of the motion data using the gamepad.pose object and so far I've been unlucky to reach it on a regular controller. Has anyone managed such a thing and could help? Thank you!
  2. Ludo's Quest was first developed for mobile. I'm working on a PC version. Just added Gamepad control using the HTML5 gamepad API. Works in Chrome and Firefox. Looking for feedback on how well it works. If you have a generic, Play Station or Xbox controller, I'd like you to test it and some feedback. Martin Drapeau
  3. For those of you that have used Steam Big Picture, you know how awesome the Daisywheel on-screen keyboard is. Basically, its a radial keyboard alternative to the awful QWERTY layout that console developers have using. I've had such a great experience using it, I've ported it to Javascript and the HTML5 Gamepad API. The source can be found on Github, and I'm calling it DaisywheelJS. Screenshot Setup This project was designed specifically with HTML5 game development in mind. Installation and setup are detailed in the docs, but its as simple as including the `daisywheel` CSS class or calling `load()`. Using the input DOM element: <input class="daisywheel" type=text />or, calling it manually (for use with Canvas games): //When the Daisywheel should appearDaisywheel.load(function(symbol) { console.log(symbol);});There are even options that allow for use with webfonts and emojis. Feedback / Troubleshooting Feedback is welcome! Leave your comments below or message me @likethemammal. As I mentioned above, the source is on Github. It was written using React.js and Flux (if you're a JS dev who's interested). If you like this project, you can support it on Patreon. There, you can vote on controller support, the feature schedule, and get on the beta-testing mailing list. This is a young tool, and the Gampad API is still experimental technology. If you have trouble connecting your controller to the browser, you can find help on the main DaisywheelJS site.
  4. Hungry Fridge is another game from Enclave Games - this time the whole graphic design was created by my wife, Ewa. The game itself is more or less an experiment to test the Gamepad API support in the browsers, but I decided to finish and publish it anyway. You can PLAY THE GAME HERE. The game is similar to the previously finished Monster Wants Candy - all you have to do it tap on some food to collect it. This time it's "good" (veggies) and "bad" (junk) food, but you also have to follow the color of the marker the Fridge wants to eat. If you connect the gamepad, the game transforms into a Super Turbo Hungry Fridge where you control the driving, shooting and eating machine. The game itself was created using Phaser. As usual, the full source code is available on GitHub, you can play the game online or get it from the Firefox Marketplace. You can also read the short making of blog post - this game was used as an example in my chapter about the Gamepad API in the HTML5 Game Development Insights book. The technical article describing the API is coming along - the draft is being reviewed. Any feedback on the game, especially the performance as I jumped from 480x320 to 960x640, will be much appreciated, thanks!