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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and my purpose here is to find some mobile HTML5 games to buy specifically for "Android" devices. I am looking for someone who creates mobile web HTML 5 games; either already created, or can make simple games on the fly. The HTML5 games will need to capture user information (more will be discussed via pm). As well, games will need to have default features (ex: Automatically save the player’s progress, create a users profile, leaderboards, etc...). My project will also require a portal/hub, have a frontend and backend design (UI / UX). This is anot
  2. My latest Phaser game was just released to Newgrounds over the weekend, among other problems I've seen that clicking outside the game window freezes play. Only switching to a different tab and back will unfreeze the game. During development and on my own site clicking away from the browser would freeze the game, but bringing focus back to the browser will unfreeze it. Does anyone know why it's different on Newgrounds and if there's anything I can do to fix it?
  3. Our game is a runner, which has portals that sends you to a different time period and place when you run into them. I've made it so when you get in a portal, the code goes from one state to the other and create the world over again with different textures. But I have this issue that the player gets super speed after the portal. Like, I can run 10000px in the matter of 2 seconds speed. I have not been able to find out why so far, but with a couple of console logs I've notice both the old state and then new state updates are both running. So thought removing the run function in the new world sta
  4. Hello HTML5 Game Devs! I've recently launched my new HTML5 gaming portal called SandBoxd (https://www.sandboxd.com/). SandBoxd is a web-app designed to run on all kinds of screen sizes and configurations. The only requirement is a HTML5-compliant browser. It is our goal with SandBoxd to push web gaming forward and break free from the traditional app store paradigm. We already support all the major browsers and provide all the nice features you come to expect from a modern social gaming site such as real time chat, forums, groups, etc. Currently we are looking for talented game developers
  5. It looks like Newgrounds now allows you to upload HTML5 games. They'll even ask you if the game is playable on mobile devices. This could be a sign for Newgrounds will be a potential sponsor in the future. Still, it's a portal with high traffic already so it might be good if you want to promote your game or earn ads revenue? (Many people might have known this already but I searched the forum and haven't found any post about this. Sorry if it's already been posted somewhere!)
  6. Good day to all I'm planning to build a game portal like armorgames.com and kongregate.com but for html5 games only, i have notice in the given websites (armorgames.com and kongregate.com) that they do not upload there html5 games in there website, they just ask for the link and then show the game in an iframe. My question is, can i really upload a html5 game using php? is it practical to upload the those games at my website and not use the method being implemented by kongregate? do it have more benefit than problem? Sorry for the question. Thank you in advance. God bless Cheers! Ald
  7. nikki


    Hiya, I've created a new portal for HTML5 mobile games, it's called PlayZap (http://playzap.net). It started out as me messing around with Node.js, and grew into something much bigger. And then shrank into something much smaller, but there'll be more about that in the blog post I publish tomorrow I've spent a long time working on this - much longer than I should have done, truth be told. I'm going to continue working on it, and fleshing out all those half baked features I've got sitting in my git dev branch If you could take a look and let me know what you think, I'd really a
  8. Would like to introduce Kano Games, we are relatively new (just over a year old) that is a developer and HTML5 friendly portal! Not only do we support HTML5 games we have utilized it in building out the web and mobile versions of the site, check out our HTML5 Robot Avatar Builder! We currently have a small collection of HTML5 Games but would like to get more added. We have some pretty big plans for the site over the next several months so keep an eye on us, and if you have a game that you would like to have inlcuded contact us through the link in the sites footer.
  9. "Selling a game license, finalizing a deal for revenue shares from IAP or subscription revenues is always connected with big portion of time spent on negotiations, and setting up an agreement conditions. Since the beginning of finding new business opportunities there is always the same process which in many cases may be hard, exhausting, annoying, and it can take away the time you could spend on developing parts of the game you started. Unfortunately, if you really care that your game will be safely licensed to a sponsor/publisher, you should really put highest focus on this process. The time
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