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Found 6 results

  1. A couple of posters have mentioned getting BabylonJS projects on to Android. This is my take on this, the whole code developed using Basic4Android (sometimes called B4A). It is a fairly mature platform - I've been using it for about 7 years now. For Basic4Android you can develop an App which creates a WebView which then loads the HTML which then loads the Javascript, which access BabylonJS. You can, obviously, send variables to the HTML (pretty standard) and/or pass variables back to the Android App - I'll leave the code in there to enable you to do that as well as I think it's
  2. I have a space invaders game that I'm trying to convert from a single javascript instantiation to state based code. I want to add a menu screen, loading screen, etc... I'm just not sure how to do it. Do I drop some of it in a Boot state and some of it in a Preload state? I was thinking the boot state would hold the create function and update function while the preload state would hold the preload function that creates the images and sprites. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Here is an example of what I'm aiming for: https://github.com/RocketshipGames/phaser-fullscreen And here
  3. First Game for #ios released! Support! Available for #iPhone and #iPad https://itunes.apple...?l=de&ls=1&mt=8 #indiegame #gamedev #dev #indiegamedev #invaders #breakout Classic Games brought together, enjoy awesome gameplay and adorable graphics. See supported devices below* features: - 72 different levels - arcade mode - level mode - iPad & iPhone compatible - retina graphics - 2 favorite gameplays brought together - unique powerups - no advertising No Advertising, just gaming. Nothing else. Invaders Breakout is a classic indiegame based on two popular retro gam
  4. Hi, All! Here is our new HTML5 game. Just simple space-shooter. Features: None significant Screenshots: Link: Alien Encroachers Looking for sponsorship, feel free to PM.
  5. Hello people! I've now finished a game I recently started developing, called "Matrix Invaders". The game is some kind of action side-scrolling shooter, in which your mission is to destroy the mighty enemies. But wait.. Didn't you say MATRIX!? That's right, in this game all characters are colored matrixes. You are the green one, enemies are red. Simple! How about gameplay? Well let's see: Your goal, as I said before, is to destroy the enemies. You do that by blasting them with a bullet, launced with the space button. When enough enemies have been destroyed, you'll move on to the next level,
  6. Hi, I'm creating a shooter game, and I've followed the 'Space Invaders' example. Everything is working but one thing, I would like to have infinite ammo, so CreateMultiple has to be infinite. It requires a value, so I don't know how to make it actually infinite. Basically what I want to do is create a couple bullets and recycle them over and over again. Any suggestions on how I could do so you never run out of bullets? Thanks in advance, Kevin
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