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Found 6 results

  1. Hello people! I've now finished a game I recently started developing, called "Matrix Invaders". The game is some kind of action side-scrolling shooter, in which your mission is to destroy the mighty enemies. But wait.. Didn't you say MATRIX!? That's right, in this game all characters are colored matrixes. You are the green one, enemies are red. Simple! How about gameplay? Well let's see: Your goal, as I said before, is to destroy the enemies. You do that by blasting them with a bullet, launced with the space button. When enough enemies have been destroyed, you'll move on to the next level,
  2. Hello there fellas, I recently started making a new little game, which I thought I'd share with you. The game is a remake of the popular iCopter, which was released some years ago. In the game you play as a small, yellow helicopter, and you'll have to avoid the walls and stones coming your way. The game still needs some debugging, so any help is appreciated. Also a mobile version will soon be avalible. Play: dev.gustavgb.dk/games/copter/ Screenshots:
  3. Hey guys! I just applied an update to my game, Fast Racer. I updated the GUI and added stuff to the game. Fast Racer is a small game where the object is to avoid cars coming towards you. Let me know if I should add, remove or change something in the game. I recommend that you play the game with a mobile or tablet, because the game is made with gyroscope control, but it also works fine n a desktop ( Sadly no gyroscope control on desktop ) Is this game good enough to get sponsors, or if not, what are the requirements? Play the game: http://dev.gustavgb.dk/games/fastracer/ Screenshots:
  4. Hey guys! I just came up with this awesome, retro, space action game! It's simple: Shoot all incoming aliens, and don't get hit. Controls: Space: shoot. Left and Right Arrow: Move left and Right. Play this game now! Space action Please leave a comment if you liked it, or if you have any changes Screenshots:
  5. So you thought you were clever.. But then you haven't tried 'Poke a bear'. The game contains the most advanced code you will probably ever find on the internet. I do understand that the human race might not be ready for a game this complicated, but I thought I had to give it a change. The whole point of this game is to train your senses, your intelligence and your reflexes. Even though you are not very clever, you can get the change to look at some epic artwork. Play this game now
  6. Hey everybody, A while ago I created this game. It's hard and requires some super ninja powers to beat it. The object is to jump blue and black squares. Why both? Because the black squares are only dangerous from the sides and from underneath, which means you can walk on it. The levels are randomly generated, so that it's impossible to practice on curtain levels. You win the game when you reach the green square. But as I said before, it requires some super ninja powers to get there. Only people with those exact powers will be able to do it. ( Also I'm not responsible for various rage-action
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