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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, im having a problem with the material of a Ribbon Mesh when im in wireframe mode, it appears in black all. It should be modified because it is changing the color of the mesh with colorKing, heres an example but in my code all mesh is black. In the playground, if you take a look of the sides, it has color. In my example it doesnt Help me out ? https://playground.babylonjs.com/#HHV38I#1
  2. Hi all, I want to create a simple plane from some points, so I used BABYLON.Mesh.CreateRibbon to make it, but I got a abnormal one, showing as following: I wrote a simple demo on http://playground.babylonjs.com/#XB2YBN, please help on it, I have not found any clues till now. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everybody, At first,many thanks for all BJS devs and team behind this great framework! Q: How can be "irregular" ribbon textured,that texture is not stretched? (per example- simple leaf shape made of Quadratic bezier curves;texture is squashed on its tips..) Tried to find answer on my own; but had no luck till now, it could be cause of me and my capabilities; so,if one exist please do redirect me and I do apologize for asking it again.. Thanks in advance!
  4. I was inspired by this topic to produce a bezier surface. The surface is not a mesh but a logical object that contains the data from which you can build the mesh using a ribbon. I restricted myself to a bicubic surface. Over the next weeks I will add some other methods and who know perhaps try to write a typescript version and PR it. This PG animates the surface by changing the control points, https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KT9EE7#1 In this PG you can move the control points (purple spheres) in the direction of the chosen axis. Click on a control to move the axes to that control, click on a cone to set the axis along which you move the control ( done by giving mesh behaviours a go) then drag the control https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KT9EE7#2 Work still in progress. have fun.
  5. How do you create specific Ribbon or Path shapes? Has any one created "Mesh Editing" within Babylon? UPDATE: this caused a deeper dive into collisions.... a lot like falling down stairs. @Wingnut had a good idea providing this link, http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1UHFAP#7 I think I'll give it a try. -> Adding pick points and rudimentary key commands to move a vertex in 6 directions... Any Ideas on "Mesh Editing", or other previous vertex picking (position vertex with ui) attempts? Thx...
  6. Hi I start to make generated terrain from ribbons. There are issues with shading between ribbons like this: How can I make it looks like one big ribbon?
  7. I generate a Ribbon from a path array which looks like in the attached image. I assign a single color material to the mesh, now I would like to add an another material/color to the center "strip". How can I achieve it. or did I have to create 3 separate paths (left , center, right) ?
  8. I try to build an endless Track for a small Game and currently I stuck on an textureproblem. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#9HEBCE#12 I use the CreateRibbon Method to build a lane out of an array. When I have 200 segments I remove the one at the top and move the camera temporary to the first one so currently it just looks like the lane is just waving but in reality the camera is moving (you can see it when you remove the camera position setting at the bottom.) I scale the texture to fit the whole mesh but then it looks like the track is not moving I tryed it it the vOffset but that didnt worket out. What I need is some kind of "material/shader" which projects a texture always in the same way, no mater where the mesh is in the world so it would look like the track moves. Or maybe someone have an another Idea how to achieve this. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, I'd like to know if there is a way to represent an animated polyline moving from point A to point B on a mountainous terrain. The idea would be to show a track like this: https://www.relive.cc/ , you can see it in the demo video. I understand that this functionality does not exist in Babylon, and from what I've read, the Babylon.Ribbon only allows for vertices to change position but not for adding new vertices. But anyways, what would be the steps for me to implement it from scratch? Thanks!
  10. Hello guys, I need you help. Do you know how to do a ribbon animation on PIXI.js? B I saw a lot of example on CSS3, but no example on pixi. Maybe I search in a wrong way. But I need 2D version, not a 3D Thank you for any feedback
  11. Hi Readers, I am building a game using Babylonjs (amazing framework), but I am struggling to create a simple "artistict" mountain. What I am aiming for in the simplest terms is a skewed box, where the bottom 4 positions can have any x and y coordinates while the upper 4 positions can have any x, y, and z coordinates. Preferably in the future I would like to have any number of sides. My original approach was to try and create two arrays of paths (base and peak "rings") and use the MeshBuilder.CreateRibbon to join the two together. Unfortunately though I couldn't find a method to "cap all" faces, only close the ribbon making a hollow mountain with no top. I was planing to make my own custom mesh for mountains, but thought it better I turn here first to get some advice. The inspiration for the mountains can be found in the attached image. Kind Regards Erik Hughes Ps. first time posting, YAY!
  12. Hey Guys, I'm pretty new with Babylonjs, and I'm facing a problem I cannot solve by myself. I have to show a metal plate, which is long and thin. So I'm going to create a ribbon, and it works fine, but when the length gets bigger or when I zoom out, the ribbon starts extremely flickering. You can see an example here: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1CZ6XW#15 Thanks!
  13. Hi people, I just added a new optional parameter, called invertUV (boolean, default false) to every ribbon based shapes : ribbon, tube, lathe, standard and custom extrusion. var rib = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateRibbon("r", {pathArray: paths, invertUV: true}, scene); This swaps the U and V coordinates at geometry construction time. What is this for ? Imagine you've got two different meshes, say, a tube and a sphere and they share, for performance reasons, the same material/texture. You notice then that the texture is applied on to the tube the wrong way (horizontally, for instance) compared to what you expected, but the right way on the sphere. If you build your texture by rotating the image for 90°, you will have then a right textured tube but a wrong textured sphere. So instead of making two different images and to use then two different textures/materials to solve your problem, you can now just invert the UV on the tube and its texture will switched horizontally/vertically. [EDIT] : 2 tubes, one material/texture, 2 different orientations http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#G6DG0#8
  14. Sorry for asking, maybe I've overlooked something, but my ribbon in Billboardmode is not "bilboarding" while rotating the mesh, Do I have to update the ribbon during the scene.registerBeforeRender()-function? The intention was to create a "ray" swiping to the camera like a laser-beam where I can attach a special shader. Thanks in advance, playground is http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1TY50A#3
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