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Hello, html5 game developers!


I'm web developer and interesting in gamedev. In particular, hrtml5 games are usefull for me to learn JS more deeply.

I think this community will help me, and hope I could help too.

Let's start to develop games ;)


Unortunantly, I'm not so good in English and hope this won't impede.

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Hi, everyone,


I'd just like to quickly introduce myself here: I'm a game developer based in beautiful Würzburg, Germany. I used to do all my interactive work with Flash/AIR and am still using it when it comes to making games that are supposed to end up in the app stores - although that, too, may change in the future. I started making HTML5 games last year with ImpactJS, which I like a lot, but it hasn't made much progress over the last year and Phaser sounds incredibly exciting especially when it comes to games running on the mobile web and that's what my clients have been asking for a lot, lately. Plus, I find the idea of (finally) making and licensing my own games a very intriguing thought that might help me get a first foot on the ground as an independent developer.


So, I got washed up at the shores of this fantastic forum and have been reading a lot ever since in order to catch up. From all I can see, Rich has done a magnificent job building up this vibrant, open community and pouring so much effort into Phaser and everything.


Thanks a lot, Rich, for sharing all of this with us and making it so much easier for us to get started. I can't wait to get my hands dirty.

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Little late introducion for me (I completely missed this post) xd


Hi there, I am a freshly graduated engineer specialized in web technologies. I have developped games for fun since I was very young and it always found it fascinating so I recently started a business with a teammate who registered here too. I hope I will learn a lot from you all and I will try my best to share my little knowledge if I find the opportinity to do so.


See you later :)

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What a fantastic thread! Hi all just joined. Great to meet you all.


Im currently learning to use Scirra for html5 dev and working on building some mobile friendly html5 gaming sites.


Hope to be of some use or find something useful here at some point. Thanks and see you around.



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Hi all,


This is my first attempt at making games, started last October. I'm using Construct 2 because I'm not familiar with coding. Hopefully I can develop my understanding of coding as I develop my game. Being very new to this scene, I hope to make new friends and contacts for future endeavor but for now, I'm doing it solo atm, to get clear insight what hurdles each of the roles will face, for the sake of learning :D


Even though I'm doing this as a hobbyist, it is quite exciting learning that it has revenue potential as an indie, and some can make a living out of it. If all goes well, I might jump ship and start making games fulltime :D

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Hey Everyone,


UK Based aspiring Game Designer/Developer here. Dabbled in HTML/CSS based web design in the past and have played games since I was very young playing through VIC-20, C64, Amiga1200, Master System, Mega Drive, NES, SNES, N64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PC, Mac and finally iOS.


I have always been fascinated with the art, sound and design behind how my games worked and have decided to finally take the plunge and try to learn how to make something for myself.


My goals are small to start with, my biggest aim for this year is to make a few clones (Pong, Tetris, Asteroid etc.) whilst I learn the ropes and develop a workflow then progress to a few unique ideas down the line.


Hoping to learn a lot and contribute as much as I can here along the way.

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Hello HTML5 enthusiasts and programmers. I wam Wes.


I have many programming languages behind me, the most recent being Python + PyGame for games. Now I am putting feelers into the HTML5 direction.


I enjoy entering into game compos, PyWeek and Ludum Dare, and I think it is a good idea to take over the web with HTML5!


All my machines run some flavour of GNU / Linux, so I adore games that make an effort to be cross platform.


Code on!

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Hi everybody -  Greetings from Denmark!


My name is Simon and I've been doing games (mainly gamedesign, QA & marketing) for about 5 years now. primarily PC/mac games but also a Nintendo DS game and a few mobile games. I've only recently started with html5 games and so far i'm having a blast prototyping various ideas... I'm very happy to have found this forum - it's always a pleasure to chat with talented and helpful people .. so thanks.. 

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