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Hi everyone


My first post here! I'm very happy to have found this forum, looks very interesting already.


I'm a rather experienced game developer (most of my experience is with big-name AAA console titles), and in the past year or so I've started working with HTML5. I'm convinced that this is where the future of gaming is going to be. It's all very exciting, and I hope I can bring some of my experience to this community, while learning something from all of you!

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Welcome everyone.


Gio - which games have you worked on? Just curious, you don't have to say :)


Tricky question :) I think there are rules to prevent me from saying that, unless I declare that my opinions do not represent the view of the publisher, developer, blah, blah


Without going through all the games, I'm especially proud to have worked on Watch Dogs last year - it's looking great imo.

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Hello all, great to be here.  I'm a long-time coder and gamer but as yet I have not combined them -  I'd like to start though.  I've been reading about it for a few months now and experimenting with CSS/JavaScript animation schemes and also fooling around some with Enchant.  I am keeping a close eye on Phaser too, which looks promising. :)

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Hello everybody !


I'm a french developer living in Japan, coding html5 freemium "games" since 2 years as an employee.


There is some good parts in the job, like: being able to see the game industry from inside and see what's going on, enjoying javascript and improving days after days, having great team members..

..and dark sides, one of them being that I don't develop the kind of games I like and that I'm creating for fun since I got my first computer (long time ago), and even worst: I have no more free time to do so.


So I chose to make my dream come true: I will start my own studio and business pretty soon. I know it may (and will likely) be hard, but I cannot trust that something I am searching to achieve since so long time could fail completely. I may continue my current job as a part-time but that's not completely decided yet.


I was wandering if technologically I should go for Unity, Html5 or another cross-platform native solution like Marmalade etc. but after a long weighting between the pros and cons of each solution, I decided that the smartest move was to stay on the technology I know the best (a like the most) now, allowing me to be productive very quickly, to develop stuff fast and not waste all the experience I gathered during this last years.


So now I am developing my own framework to suit my needs (I am never happy with 3rd party frameworks: there is every-time something missing, or you have to hack and you loose time because you don't know perfectly the code.. with your own framework nothing like this happens). I am not gonna compete with existing frameworks like Phaser or ImpactJs, it's just a personal tool, particularly oriented towards native wrappers: Ejecta, CocoonJs, Ejecta-x and Cordova.


That's it, this presentation is enough I guess... let's exchange more on the boards !

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Hi all, I'm a well seasoned game developer and currently technical director at Plug-in Media, Brighton. Historically Flash has been our forte, but in the last two years that's been all change. We do as much Unity as Flash now, increasingly some native platform bits, and of course HTML5/javascript. This platform is very much one to watch for the future - we do both mobile and desktop content - HTML5 seems very ready so far as desktop is concerned, and this year is *the* year for mobile browser games to settle into an equivalently 'ready' state.

Looking forward to the eventual universal adoption of WebGL, and the ubiquity of asm.js and an equivalent Unity-like tool to author content for it! Give it a few years though eh?

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It's probably about time I introduced myself, I think... having lurked on the forums for a while now ;)


Within the next week, I'll be starting up a little games company - Arcade Badgers - focusing on HTML5, with a view to making accessible arcade-style games.

What I mean by accessible is two-fold:

1) Platform Support - so for older devices which may not have the best browser, I'll be writing up a native wrapper to manage them with.

2) Accessibility - reducing the accessibility constraints on games, so that those who may normally be unable or find it difficult to play games, will be able to; be this via limited controls, to careful picking of colours and shapes.


The interesting bit I've found is while going through some prototypes and limiting the controls and taking into consideration colour and shape combinations, it's streamlined the games, and made them flow and play better. Of course, not every game can be simplified as much as I'd like, but as long as I can push them on as many devices as possible, then at least lots of people can play them :)


Anyway, enough gibbering... I've a week left to get the first game ready, before the big switch is hit to start trading.

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Hello everybody.


I'm a freelance programmer, composer and hobbyist HTML5 game developer.


I develop free html5 games on my spare time.


I released 2 games for now :





I created those games to learn basics of video game programming.


I'm looking for opinions on my games and joining a html5 game devs community.

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Hello everybody!

I'm so glad I found these forums!

I'm Paul-Andre, a 17 years boy from Canada who likes to sometimes think of myself as a html5 game developer.

I currently mostly used plain javascript, plus some libraries depending on the game, including a library I wrote to manage tile maps.

In the future, I will maybe explore some game engines. Phaser looks nice, I might try it. Also, it seems that a lot of "pros" use Impact, (at least those who show their engine's logo on the splash screen ;) ), but it isn't free. 

I have released 2 game, and only one of them is of a presentable quality: http://unsquare.clay.io , ( I already showed it in the game showcase forum).

I have issues some completing well polished games. Unsquare is a great advancement though, and I am pretty proud of it. I imagine that the more I will make, the better I will become.

I like this forum. It makes me feel less alone in making html5 games. I have already seen some pretty cool stuff.

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Hello everybody,

I'm Oliver, 17 years old, hobby programmer and from Germany (so srry for my English but I didn't find such a good HTML5 forum in German)

I started "programming" with Excel, well I know but I was young :D It was just a little bit for school and I was really proud of me when I create an TicTacToe excel game with an computer enemy.  :lol: But anytime it gets boring and a friend of me wanted to learn Java[not script] because he wanted to write mods for Minecraft, also he though it's a good language at all, so I started learning Java (my friend ended learning after the "Hello world" program) So I tried to program, anytime I started programming Applets, because I wanted to create Browser-games (and I was too stupid for Java Applications) But Java was too insecure <_< and Java was deactivated by most user so it didn't make fun.

So I started to learn JavaScript. (I knew the basics from school/ for/while-loops etc I knew still from Java) And I fell in love with HTML5  :wub:

I just wanted to tell you how I came to HTML5

I'm a very very slow programmer (I program 5 minutes and make 5 hours brake or so  :lol: also I use only plain JavaScript, I don't know why it's a defect of me ^^) I don't have a own website, but I want to create one anytime with my own little games.


I think I tell enough about me. If you need an German location for your game I can help you and if you need a friend in this forum you can add me (I don't know anybody here)

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Hi all:


The name's Travis, and I'm a newbie to game development. I've dabbled in Unity... and less so in Flash... but I've recently picked up a JavaScript/canvas book and am tearing through it! I'm not interested in mobile development, but in desktop-based browser games. I'll be sure to share my projects as I make progress! 


This forum is neat-o!

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What's up, folks! 

My name is Sam and I'm hoping to break into the gamedev scene. I can do artwork AND programming, so I hope to be able to show you guys something to be proud of!


I'm always looking for friends, so feel free to SKYPE me: "sambaylus"


See you around~

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Hola Everyone

I'm an animator/technical artist by day who has worked on a few Unity games. Dabbled in game dev when I was a young'un on my Amiga and really liking the html5 game scene. Seems similar to Flash games early days.

Picked up ImpactJS last night and plan on diving in to it this week.

Glad to be on here and apart of what looks to be a great community




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Hello everyone!

I've been developing non commercial games and websites for a while now , And I've been reading many articles and books about the new awesome HTML5 platform,

And took interest in it, I plan to create a website to showcase my games and have a lot of games on it, and read much more articles and see what html5 game devs here have to say before I even attempt to get involved into the market.

I hope I can earn a lot of good knowledge from reading other's stories , etc..

Happy html5 game developing , everyone!

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Hi all,


I've been a hobbyist games programmer for a long time now (my first ever game was a text adventure on an old Sinclair QL my Dad had!). Over the years I've made games ranging from command line Tic-Tac-Toe, 2d networked beat 'em ups and even J2ME phone games. About 3 years ago wanted to make the move from desktop to the web/mobile in my day job so HTML5 games seemed to be a perfect way to learn the new skills. 


I'm currently working on my first "professional" game that I plan to release with the intention (hopes, dreams and prayers :P) of making some money - even just to tick it off my bucket list! (I've recently emigrated from Ireland so any bit of extra cash coming in would be very handy!).


Thanks to Rich, the moderators and everyone else involved in running the site - it's a great resource! 



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