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Hi everybody,


Rocco from Austria.

I'm programer and mostly webdesigner for almost 15 years now and dedicated to games for more then 30 years now.  :P

I have done a bunch of freegames and fanadventures, have running this website for maniac mansion fanadventures -> www.maniac-mansion-mania.com

As you can imagine i always dreamed from making games for a living, without reasonable success so far.

I did 2 flashgames for nivea (as low-paid freelancer over an advertising company) in the past and earned a bit for a game which was sold within an adventurebundle, but nothing serious until now.


I discovered phaser 2 weeks ago and i'm completely hooked to it.

Reading tons of forumstuff now and i have to say thanks and highly kudos to rich. 

It is highly motivating and really makes a difference to see an engine developer with such an engagenment and positive attitude.


So my goal is to bring every month a new html5 game to life, the next time!

We will see..... 

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Hello everyone. Didn't know there was a community of HTML5 devs doing interesting things. Glad to be here.


Forster from England. Studied Games Design at University, got into HTML5 through GameMaker recently, really love it's cross platform-ness. Kind of a jack of all trades, master of none. I spend most of my time looking at broken code. Hoping to one day make a living out of game development, or at least enough for a nice pizza every now and again.

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Hi there! I'm newbie within the awesome game world, but I had previous experience with web development.


So I'll hope to become advanced game developer by myself and found small indie studio to release some of my dreams :-)


Phaser looks pretty good as starting pont for HTML5 game dev, I'm looking to Flash / HaxeFlixel too.

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Hello everyone! Very glad to be here. I'm a programmer and general techie. I've been involved in game develepment as a hobbyist for many years now but I only started trying to do it professionally in the last few years. Still haven't quit the day job yet but I'm happy to be making progress and making games. I've done a little (very little) javascript and I know my way around html but HTML5 is a new ball game for me and I'm looking forward to exploring all the new possibilities it opens up.

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Hello everybody. 

Should be fun to join this community.  

I'm primarily illustrator and have participated in various game and game related projects. Sometimes i do some front-end stuff mainly with game effects and stuff like that. 

I have years of experience of creating game visuals for HTML5 games. 


If you wish you can check out some of my stuff @ http://bunkovsky.com/

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Hello! My name is Robert, and I have been making my own games for fun for around 5-6 years now. Recently, I got into making HTML5 games with Game Maker: Studio. 


I also regularly write in my blog about pretty much everything gaming and game dev related. Check out my blog!


To share my games I created my own video game website called Coded Games (www.codedgames.com). There you can play several of the games I have created, read my blog, and chat with some other gamers in my forum.


Check out Coded Games!


Well that is everything important that I have done! Thanks for reading!

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Hello everyone,

my name is Grzegorz (Gregory), i'm 20 years old. I'm mainly php programmer but also i'm interested in c++ and gamedev. Basicly what i want to do is create a game - i always dreamed about it. To be honest easiest way for me to achieve that is by making browser game. I've got some kind of sentiment from times when text based browser games were really popular. Now i'm aiming in something bigger. I dont know yet if i want do do my game in 3d or 2d because i dont have enough knowledge in javascript and webgl but this will change - i hope thankfully to this forum :)

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello - I'm Jerry From London, and I haven't had a drink in over a week.


I'm been developing & drawing in Flash for about 8 years and was JUST getting really good at it when some suggested they were clearing the tables. I tossed a coin between this & Unity and now I'm here - also the portal I work for has brokered a deal with the Booster Media machine who have built us a html5 microsite, so I'm hoping to make some stuff for that.


Everything I tried to do so far has taken me an AGE and has made me long for the warm sofa that is the Flash IDE. Getting something to look half as fancy as even 2010 era Newgrounds top 10 material seems so far out of reach ! 


But I DO like the speed with which you can test things directly into browser & mobile - that's fricken' GREAT. And I haven't even had a winkle about with Phazer yet, which I am hearing is the bees knees :D


Anyways , hello to you all, am enjoying rumaging through these forums ver much !







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Hey HTML 5 devs!
I've been making flash games for 5 years, and I've decided it's time to make the jump.

Lately I've been working mostly in Typescript and Phaser, as that is pretty close to Flixel, which I've used for numerous non professional projects.


I also do Unity and C#, I was a big fan of XNA and I'm moving towards Monogame.


All the while improving my graphics skills.

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