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Beauty of HTML5 (Web)


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I knew this will happen, but it is kinda depressing now :(


My game: http://labrat.mobi/games/astro_carl/


a insane rip off http://cdn-livestudios.rhcloud.com/space/ from http://livestudios.cf/ I am not sure what they are planning to do, but I dropped them an email.


Probably I should have domain locked it! But I guess it could still be modified.

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I feel your pain, this has happened to me so many times with Flash games. 


Like you said, domain locking probably wouldn't help you much.


The sad truth is, that some people just don't have a moral compass and they don't realise, how much effort goes into making a game.


I think the best thing to do, is to move as quickly as possible and get your game on as many platforms as your can, before the thieves have a chance to rip you off.


Also, if you see the game on any stores or sponsored by anyone, you can definitely contact the right person and get it removed.

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