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Besides in-app payments, chrome webstore offers monetization with ads - i have read this from article: http://www.marketjs.com/blog/Making-money-with-HTML5-games

There is said about ad networks: the good choice is adsense or ad4Game. Anyone has experienced with ad4Game? 

Is it possible to use clay.io as ad network? Which one is better and are there good alternatives for desktop browser game?


In developer program policies  https://developers.google.com/chrome/web-store/program_policies?csw=1  i don't understand one thing: 


Ads must be presented in context with your app or clearly state which app they are bundled with.


Does it mean, that i can use ads only for advertising my another games or links of my ported games to appStore, googlePlay, etc.

No ad networks?

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Seems like that's more for Chrome extensions rather than apps. They don't want ads to be in the browser and the user not know which extension they're coming from.

You can use Clay.io as an ad network. What we do is we source from a few different ad networks depending on the player's location and device (desktop vs mobile). Long term we'd like to work directly with advertisers as our own ad network, but that's a ways away (we need significantly more traffic for that to become an option).

You can find the documentation here: http://clay.io/docs/advertisingapi

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I tried Chrome Webstore + Ad4Game + a HTML5 game back in 2011.


With 10,000 - 20,000 plays per day, it generated enough revenue to sustain an indie lifestyle.


The Chrome Webstore is one of the most under-utilized platform by indie devs. There are many ways to gain players. If anyone's interested, I'd be happy to blog about it.

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