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Looking for a few more moderators


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Hi all,


I'd like to recruit a few new moderators to help out with the forum.


All you'd have to do is login every couple of days and approve any new threads or messages that are in the queue. There are usually only around 5 or so, as between us we tend to clear it out quite fast, but the rate of new subscribers has been increasing steadily this year, so a bit more cover on the ground wouldn't hurt.


You'd also have permission to lock / sticky and move threads, but this is rare.


So if you tend to come here often already, and feel you can help out, then please let me know.





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Enpu is already a mod of his own board here :)


And yes I'm going to unstick this. Right now we just don't need any new mods, quite frankly as WombatTurkey said the community is just too nice to need it! It would be nice to get the noob approval time down a little bit, but it's never more than 24hrs right now, so it's hardly that bad.

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