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Holiday season is upon us… Any games out there?

Alexander Krug

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We're looking for your seasonal games for Halloween to New Year’s Day and everything in between. If you have any seasonally inspired games, now’s the time to deliver them to us.

Submit your Halloween Games starting today and no later than October 16, 2013 directly to [email protected] or me. :) 


Looking forward to your great games content!



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Thanks for your quick feedback! Very much looking forward to them. Please be aware of our quality standards:


- works perfectly on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 (if yes, on which devices have u tested it?)

- is optimized for phone and tablet

- works in fullscreen (no URL bar visible) and automtically scales to any high/low resolutions (no black borders visible )

- handles device rotation automatically (showing “please rotate screen” information)

- has a loading bar and very optimized loading times

- sound can be turned off/on (if any)

- text is separated from images (check out Google Web Fonts API!)

- text is loaded from an external file to make localization easy




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  • 3 weeks later...

Halloween is over and I would like to thank again all content contributors! U delivered great content! :)


We're planing to do similar promotions for Christmas from the 1st of December onwards and - guess - we're looking for more Christmas related games! So, start working on a xmas version and deliver it until 22nd of November directly to [email protected] or me. Please be aware of our content quality guidelines!


Looking forward to receive tons of great content (again)! :)


Thanks! Alexander

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