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Two weeks left till the end of the competition - deadline is September 13th. The Places section has been updated so you can see what you can win for specific places. New entries are starting to appear - remember about submitting early, so you can promote your game through social media and win Social Special prizes.

There will also be Community Awards, which I'm not sure how to organize exacly yet, any advice is welcomed. The Resources page is there if you need any tools or articles developing your game. You can also help me run the compo and send a few bucks via the PayPal donation, thanks!

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The Community Awards winners have been posted a week ago, and the Social Special winners on Sunday. The main categories: Server, Mobile and Desktop were announced a few hours ago. Here's the top5:

1. Behind Asteroids — The Dark Side by Greweb

2. Road Blocks by Ash Kyd

3. ChessPursuit by Saturnyn

4. It's Raining... Boxes?! by Rémi Vansteelandt

5. Taxi Drift by Rémi Vansteelandt

There are of course a lot more great games - go check them all out. Congrats on your entries and thanks for participating!


Thanks again for organizing this, @end3r

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Is there any chance that the judges took notes when reviewing the games?  I would love to get any scrap of feedback so I can make a better entry next year.

Yes, some of the games did get a short reviews along with the voting. I have to manage that manually, but will try to either post it online in the next few days or send it directly to the developers.

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Thank you so much for the competition end3r!

It has been a great surprise to discover and participate to js13kgames this year!


It has been a real challenge to create a game within 13k, I've learned a lot and I really enjoyed it!

Also, the resource section of your site is really helpful :)


I hope I'll have the time to take part into the next year competition, too!

Keep up with the good work!  :D

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