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Haxe HTML5 Tools/Games showcase


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Actually surprised this topic didn't exist yet.

With all the great technologies around and well-qualified devs behind them there are many examples to look at. I'll just quickly go through things I'm the most aware of. Feel free to add any others which you know about.

I consider myself a programmer mostly, so will go with tech-based approach, grouping things by framework/engine principle. (That's where 'Tools' in the topic name came from.)

I'm starting with it since HTML5 is the main Flambe target and there's even this topic here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3816-80-html5-games-on-the-flambe-haxe-showcase/
Though I never properly tried Flambe myself (not a big fan of ECS), that's surely a tool that can be used to achieve great results. Check this article for example: https://medium.com/@mknol/building-42-games-within-a-year-insane-game-development-5340d506068f

Obviously there is a mighty
HTML5 showcase: http://www.openfl.org/showcase/html5/. Well, honestly, I think it wants to be updated.
But what really caught my eye recently is this 3D racing demo: http://community.openfl.org/t/html5-3d-racing-game/8663

If you're into more low-level stuff, you've probably heard of 
Kha framework.
Some 2D games to look at, made by Wy Leong with his custom 2D game engine (https://github.com/laxa88/wyngine):

Some more 3D? Sure: http://luboslenco.com/ld/33_dungeons_deep/

Is another engine that I never looked closely at (shame on me!)
I guess the most notable examples are WebGL ports of

And now I'm gonna take a break just to add more info later when I have time. There are still many wonderful tools (and games made with them) to be mentioned:

  • HaxeFlixel
  • HaxePunk
  • Heaps
  • Genome2D
  • Externs for JS libraries

So please don't hesitate to post you projects here while I'm gathering more info and preparing another big topic ;).

P.S. Not sure why this subforum is quite silent. Probably just not the place where haxe devs hang out. Let's see if it's possible to liven things up a bit.

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For mobile web development I have tended to prefer the Haxe libraries that don't over-stretch,  Whereas load time, footprint, initialisation delays etc can be quite cumbersome for the cross-target solutions as they tend to introduce bloat or dependencies that are not needed for the inherently cross-platform HTML5.  So my advice is to first look at up-to-date Haxe externs for Pixi, Phaser, CreateJS, Babylon etc with the intention of joining those communities - if they don't deliver what you need then consider a Haxe-centric game library (probably starting with Flambe).

For reference all our games are made with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS, and designed to load and initialise fast on all devices.  For a heavier-weight game I would evaluate BabylonHx vs BabylonJs.


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I use Haxe + OpenFL (bitfive for html5 target). I've coded a lot of logic on my own though, like bitmap font rendering and display object logic. In addition I use soundJS for sound. If I wasn't having some hopes for my games performing on mobile stores (which is diminishing) and target only HTML5, I'd also suggest and would probably go with externs for Phaser.

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