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What's your dev environment like?


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I'm curious to know what your complete dev environment is like. I have a weird obsession with development speed and am always trying to figure out new ways to code faster. At this point, I can almost code faster than I can talk


Here's my physical setup at work (which is similar to what I have at home):



I use two monitors, one dedicated to my editor which is further broken down into multiple views, one for photoshop/illustrator, and then I have a Galaxy Note that streams live video from my desktop to runs a web browser.


The last bit lets me install livereload, so anytime I save in my editor the tablet automatically refreshes without me having to Alt-Tab, refresh, Alt-Tab.


At work I'm on Windows and at home I'm on Mac, but my actual environment is basically the same:


Code Editor - Sublime Text, loaded with:

- Advance New File: Let's me use a keychord to create/load a file and supports tabbing, so can create directories too.

- Emmet: Let's me do insane HMTL expansions, like ul.slideshow>li.slide*3>a+div.content would expand into a <ul> element with three <li>, each containing a link and a div that I can then tab through to add content! lol

- Origami - Let's me create all sorts of crazy views and move tabs between them

- PlainTasks - Creates todo lists that let you check off items, right inside the editor

- Sidebar Enhancements - Just makes the sidebar MUCH more useable


LiveReload with chrome extension (PrePros for windows)

- Automatically compiles SASS, CoffeeScript, minifies JavaScript and CSS, gives you a back massage, and reloads browser when you save. Instantly and without Alt-Tabbing. And if you have a dual monitor setup, you never have to leave your code editor.


TextExpander (PhraseExpress for windows)

Let's you expand short characters/keychords into text you can tab through, macros, and a bunch of other magic. This is my number one time saver. I use a lot of Lorem Ipsum at work, so I have lorem automatically expand into a 5 paragraph block of dummy text.


Tower (GitHub client for Windows)

- My favorite GUI's for revision controlling

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No pics to share, but here is my current environment:


Desktop: Alienware Area 51 (Water Cooled with Quad Crossfire/Crossfire-X Radeons)

Laptop: ASUS G73JW




Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/2013

Construct 2

Adobe Creative Cloud (illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, etc...)

Spriter (by Brashmonkey - for Animations)

Microsoft Blend for VIsual Studio

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I only have a laptop where I code, play games, watch videos etc (pretty much everything). I also have an Android smartphone and my father's Android tablet, which are both awful... I wish I had a second monitor too... Soon I'm going to buy a Wacom Intuos Touch S drawing tablet.



OS: Windows 7 64-bit

GameMaker: Studio Professional + HTML5 Module

Sublime Text 2 (Free version) and Notepad++ mostly for website coding, since I make my games with GameMaker.

GIMP 2 for graphic stuff.

FL Studio 11 (Free version) for music composing.

Synfig Studio for animations (although I don't use it, I don't even know how it works yet, I plan to learn more about it in the future)

Every major browser (Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (my main one), Opera and Safari) for HTML5 testing.

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Lol! OzRamos is a crazy guy...

Well, I'm starting with that game developing hobby since last week so I didn't decide ter my complete environment...

But by now I've:

Sony VAIO Notebook

Ubuntu/Windows 8

Jetbrains Intellij IDEA as IDE

PHASER as my HTML game framework

Node.JS as webserver

Grunt as my webserver task manager

Inkscape to play a little with art :D

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I dream of having an awesome set up like that one day. Right now I am working off a laptop that I can't use for more than a few hours at a time because the screen starts flickering like crazy(anyone have any idea what could cause that? It also flickers whenever it's not plugged into a charger).


I plan on having a PC with 2 big monitors, a decent laptop on the side, and a tablet I use to look things up while I'm coding so I can easily access api docs/stackoverflow/google.


And of course the most comfortable chair money can by, considering that's where I'll spend most of my time.




For now I'm lucky I have somewhere to live for the time being though, hopefully I'll get some sponsorship money for my game that's almost done and I can start working on my setup :)

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Am I the only one to use Eclipse for dev?  :D 

I use Win8 and Win7 with my PC and a laptop.

I finally have an ultrawide monitor from LG and it's great. Very comfortable. 

So, as told before, I use Eclipse with Ant builder, bitBucket for version control (moved there not long ago), Pain.NET, Photoshop. All sorts of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera... and IE in some dark corners of my OS) and some devices as Nexus4, Ipod, etc...
And a greate "Pilot" chair with headrest. 

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