[Phaser] Football juggle

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I'd like to introduce you my first game made with Phaser - "Football juggle"

The game is simple simulator of football freestyle juggling tricks

Player should make different juggling tricks to draw a crowd and impress them. Advanced tricks gather more people and gives the player more applause points.

Tap or click under the ball to kick it, closer click will kick the ball harder.

Web version can be found here

And there is an android version

I would appreciate it if you provide me with the feedback, focused on the following areas:

- Did you get any bugs, especially with scaling behavior?

- Are controls clear? Does introduction training in the game help?

- Is gameplay dull? Is it monotonous?

- What could you advice to enhance the game experience?

A couple of screenshots


A short gameplay video

The game is optimized for mobile browsers


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2 hours ago, Umz said:

I can't seem to see the edge of the screen, it's cut off. So that when the ball goes out the edge it's impossible to keep up.

Thank you for comment!

To follow the ball in the horizontal direction (if it goes beyond the borders) click and drag mouse in left or right direction (right to turn left, left to turn right)

It's mentioned in introductory training, but looks like instructions are not clear enough. so is totally my fault. I'll think how to improve instructions or, perhaps, make controls more intuitive.

Did I get your point right?

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I've updated the controls to make it more intuitive to follow the ball when it goes behind the borders

I've added rotation button on the bottom of the screen, drag it left and right to follow the ball 



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