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Ad network for web game?


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I'm wondering if you have some suggestion for some ad networks for web games. I heard about Leadbolt, but they are exclusive to mobile apps & web. It seems to be one of the most used on this forum so I'm sure it's not bad. But if you launch your game on your main website, or even on Facebook. What do you use?


I heard about ad4game, but are there any others networks?



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How do ads for games work? Do you serve advertisements of other games in yours and get paid for every click? Do you have to advertise your own game in order to receive advertisements from others in yours? How much profit can be made in a week from it and do you have to invest or is it free as long as you put the ads of others into the game?

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I'm looking for a good ad partner too.


So I thought that I will use AdMob for my native versions of my game (I've been using adsense for years and google always paid, even tho the cpm of AdMob is apparently less than other ad networks, but the trust is worth it to me).


For the facebook version... https://developers.facebook.com/docs/adproviders/ I can't really decide which to pick.


And the next problem is that I have no clue which network to pick for all the other web sites. E.g. my own website, mozilla marketplace, chrome app store..


Any ideas?

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according to my experience, admob is a good option.


if you are writing some html5 game for mobile phone, you need using cordova/phonegap or intel xdk, to pack the html5 content into a hygrid native app.


then use the admob plugin, which is based on admob native sdk.


just a few line of js code, it's done.



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I tried out leadbolt and have like 0,2$ ecpm^^



I heard some good things about leadbolt on another forum, I'll see if I can find the source. I was hoping to use it as my ad-network. Is there anyone else that has tried leadbolt?



Never heard of it, that sounds more like a personal opinion. Do you know any other developers that are using it? 

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On 27/06/2016 at 4:47 AM, totallybueno said:

At the moment I´m using it as mobile brower, no app at the moment.

hmmm thats nice! and what ad networks works in mobile browser?


Are you using phaser? if yes, your games use sounds/music normally in mobile browser? I just can't I don't know why if you use phaser and sounds works at your mible browser game, please let me know and try to help me! haha post: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/23196-audiolocalstorage-problem-ios-browser/

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