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Zombie Games


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Hi all,


Thought I'd start a chat about zombie games.


I'm making a zombie game as my next project.

As an exersise in game development who wouldn't?


Games can be dreadful or great, with or without zombies.


So because zombies are all the rage some devs seem to push 'zombie' into the theme,

and make some green faces and arrrgh! noises. Perhaps in the hope their game will get

some more attention?


Also I'm interested in the fascination with zombies. I know I'm fascinated with them.


So who's making a zombie game?    #;-()



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Found this (outdated) article to be slightly interesting. It really does seem this the zombie trend will never end so it's certainly a theme still worth exploring.



I'd love to make one as well, just gotta get through exams first :P


Good luck with yours!

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Yay! I was hoping this topic would be picked up.


@odzy loved playing your game - nice challenges, did you include sound effects?

like maybe, SPLOTCH !


@Red Spark, think about zombies - not the game market - don't despair - lot's

of zombies coming your way will match the talents you already have.


Get me some Brains I can eat! H


My own humble efforts http://momogames.altervista.org/haunted/

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