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HTML5 Game Publisher - Online Catalog

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Hi All,


I've been studying HTML5 for a while now, intending to replace Flixel for Phaser on my gamedev course. But the syllabus isn't only composed of techincal stuff, I've put it together from a pragmatic point of view. And one of the aspects I try to focus is the publishing process.


As I've just entered this brave new world, I'm still learning the ropes on HTML5 publishing, thus I've decided to catalog some data on the industry. I've created this spreadsheet to try to hold as much data on HTML5 Game Publishers as possible. And I would like to ask for your help.




You guys have been on this for a while now and I'm sure you have valuable information on the subject. So, anyone who does, feel free to either write a comment on the spreadsheet or to contact me (PM, Twitter, etc).


Hope we can help each other. :)



All the best

-Alvaro Cavalcanti.

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There's a special (protected) category on this forum where all the publisher are listed (together with comments from the developers who were doing business with them). You need to be an active forum member (post some stuff ;) to get an access there.


Nice!! Well, I guess it'll definetly solve my problems. It's just a matter of time, then. Thanks! :)

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Are there any guide or metrics available regarding the value of new games?  As a new entrant to the industry, I am hoping that game publishers will not want to take us for a ride...  


Would be interested in this too...



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