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Found 9 results

  1. Samrat


    what will be the best hosting requirements/configuration for html games if i have a million subscriber ?
  2. Hi, I was looking for free solutions to host my game in order to show them to publishers/sponsors? Do or Newgrounds work? Thanks!
  3. KyleNau

    Dropbox disabling HTML rendering

    Hey, I got a notice from DropBox that they will be disabling HTML rendering for public links as of October: Just a heads-up for anyone hosting their games portfolio on DropBox. You will likely have to find another hosting solution. Kyle
  4. Hello, I'd like to ask you guys about your experience and for some advice. I'm looking for some hosting which would allow me to run node.js app on the server side and allowed me to use websockets. I'm doing some screening know and I'd love to have some info from you guys to see what works for you the best? It would be nice if the hosting also supported php + mysql, I'm not necessarily looking for a free hosting, I'll be moving a company website there as well because I'm not too happy with my current provider considering what I pay for it and what i get back from them. Thank you for your advices.
  5. Hi all, I have been working as a Java Developer for over 7 years and while studying AngularJS I decided to create a browser strategy game for fun, like Travian/TribalWars/Ikariam etc... Right now I am thinking about how the server architecture should be. I tried to find some examples on how this kind of games distributed their servers but I couldn't find any useful resource, so I came with my own. My sketch and authentication flow (follow the numbers from 1 to 9): In a general way, is that a suitable one? From my personal developer experience I decided it was a safe idea to split the public front-end from ther auth and game servers. Do you think there are any Cons in this architecture? About hosting, which service/host is most suitable for each server? 1) Authentication server, single point 2) Front-End server, distributed over the world 3) Game Servers, each one in its specific country I am open to new ideas and changes! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I'm here to promote a new HTML5 games site, We are a two man team who plan to release and distribute HTML5 games for mobiles and tablets. The site is our free site with another site for premium games planned to go live in December/January. Playout games is a work in progress and is focused on browser games. With Playout games we hope to host open source and free games written in HTML5. At the moment we're working on a couple of arcade games we will have finished for Christmas but in the mean time we are looking for new HTML5 games that haven't been released. If your game is suitable for mobiles and we think it's worth investing in we are willing to offer a paid contract to promote and distribute your game on the Apple and Android stores. Any other game we accept will be hosted on Playout games for free so your game will still be out there. We also link back to the developer's page so it's another way to promote your own site too. Thanks, PoG
  7. jmp909

    hosting files for the sandbox

    i found these work together, to help get demos on the sandbox Transparent PNGs: JSON: eg game.load.atlas('enemy', '', '');bit fiddly to not have them in one place or if you have a lot of files to manage, but useful if you just need help with a quick problem J please share anything else you find with cross origin access, especially free hosts that let you upload the lot in one place easily
  8. stokforg


    Hello, I am trying to create a game with this tutorial (, but I have a problem with the creation of lobbies and game rooms. How can I solve it? I would be grateful for the help. And one more thing, what are the requirements for hosting such games?
  9. flash1293

    Node.js/Websockets Free Hoster

    Hello, I'm searching for a free hoster of a small HTML 5 game with node.js backend. Websockets support is required for the multiplayer part. I already checked out Nodester and it seems pretty cool, but I was wondering whether there are any alternatives. Greetings