If your game wasn't made with HTML5 your post will be deleted

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We've had a surge of posts to this board showcasing native apps. This is fine so long as they're made in HTML5.


So there are now 2 new rules for this board:


1) Your post must include a link to play the game (or a demo of it) on a web site.




2) You must include full technical details about how the game was made if you are posting app store links. If you use apps like Construct2 or Game Maker that is absolutely fine. Unity and Unreal Engine 4 are not valid unless you include links to play on a web site.


If either of these are missing your post will be deleted

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On 12/5/2015 at 9:34 AM, Thera said:

what about html5 games into, for example? :rolleyes:

Game is still developed in HTML 5, just a different platform to run it. I think it should be fine

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And what about tools? I for one am not just a game developer, I actually aim more at game dev tools than games and those are not made in HTML5. Most of them are written in C#.

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