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Glad to announce that a massive update was made! :)


All (as far as i know) Ludum Dare games are added and also single ones too.

Even some [WIP] games.


In the time of adding them i was thinking about make a Genre - category... but I'm open for discus should genres be like tags... or a single one.

Most of the games can go to:  puzzle, tower defense, avoidance, survival , platformer.


But still it's a big list for tagging. 


So Happy 261 games with Phaser! :)


PGL - http://pgl.ilinov.eu/

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nice music .. but i truly suck at the game (or it's very hard)

A lot of people are telling me it's hard. Other people are telling me that they are getting 200+ scores.


Here's a gameplay video showing my strategy:




Notch seemed to like the idea:


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Nice visuals!

Not my creation. :) I've linked the place from where I got them from at the bottom of the page. (Glitch sprites)

I did add bloom and glow to the sprites though. 



duliett: #lowrezjam entry



My god man! How do you win this game. You should put in a 'You died x times' local storage counter somewhere so that I can top of the most deaths in least time highscore table

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