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By the way I tested it on an Iphone 5c this morning and a samsung galaxy s4. the iphone 5c performs fine, the samsung is a bit slower. But they are relatively old devices...
About the iphone 5c: The screen flickers a bit (goes black) everytime I tap on the screen (also during preloading). I tested it on a safari browser and chrome browser, using latest IOS version... 
Might happen on other iphones aswell? But thats a concern only if its for mobile devices I guess:p...



Thanks! I actually tested on iPhone (6) and I was probably half asleep because I did not notice the flickering when taping! After you mentioned it I can clearly see and reproduce it (some silly bug slipped in the touch events I guess...). I have tested on Note 4 and noticed the slowness as well, there will be an option to load lower quality graphics on older devices so that should fix this. Thanks again for the great feedback.

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Alpha 0.2 now live.

  • The Shield provides 50% damage reduction. This item can be stolen from other players by eating them.
  • Capture the Flag to get 100% points bonus. This item can be stolen from other players by eating them.
  • Added 2 skins (Cute Rabbit, Brazilian Flag).
  • Fixed issue wit bots eating flying players.
  • Added "Total pies eaten" counter on main page now almost 10M pies eaten since alpha is live (currently 4K daily players)
  • Up-scaled server to 4 Core / 7GB RAM, things should run much more smoothly.
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