New 100% HTML5 games store annoucement

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[EDIT] Nuggeta Play for online Gaming offer is released. We need  your best awesome HTML5 games of the planet and start winning $$ from day1


Thank you for your support :)  and good news for your wallet  B)


Let's change the online gaming planet.


Hi all,

We are opening the Nuggeta Games Free Store in some weeks from now.
It´s dedicated to HTML5 games,
In the portal players will be driven by achievements to win Energy points fo the competition.
In this portal players will be able to play with there friends wherever they are in the World.
We are seeking developers with html5 games who want add social layer without no line of code.

if you like the portal feel free to publish your game there to get more player audience.
We don't have put classical game star rating system like in other game portal, because is not always relevant of the games with good quality. Player will be able to add a Like point for popularity.

it's really early stage, here are the first screenshots. I will update the post while we are approaching the release.

Thank you for your feedback.


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@raiper the page is not open publicly yet ping me if wanna add some games and enter beta.

@benny thank you for the comparaison. gamejolt is so awesome, we want just nuggeta going social for gamers and developers. We are rookies i would say :). We hope a lot of fun

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Hi All;


I've the pleasure that our online portal is released.


Earn your first $ effortless thanks to our transparent ads offer and join World class game developers already onboarded.


Offer your player a fun way to collect nuggets point and let them win real prizes.


Empower your players experience without ruining they game experience and maximize your incomes effortless.


The product is fun and fresh and we need you and your awesome games to become all together the next place of online gaming.

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Hi all,


Construct2 Plugin is released now.  



It allows easy integration to  with achievements, leaderboards and social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) effortless without to worry about rendering stuff. The portal take care of all rendering for your game. Integrating the portal give you instant access to our revenue sharing model.






Thank you for the feedback and support

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Anyone actually make anything with their revenue share?

Last month i receiveid my first payment. A sum of $166,08 of 4 games in 3 months. 

Also last month my games made $ 68.24 (not withdraw yet)

I think each game can make an average of $15 - $20 per month. It can be less or more, depends on the level of the game has featured on there,

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