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  1. Hey all, Right now, Ludei Cocoonjs doesn't load and parse XML files... Which means that we can't load bitmap font data. I am wondering if anyone else has figured out a workaround to this issue?
  2. Hello, I'm trying to make a mobile version of a game. The game has lots of code and javascript files that I preload (I have a bootstrap file, that load the splash screen and preloader). I load the scripts like this: game.load.script('preload', 'Preload.js'); It works perfectly on the browser and with the Webview mode in Cocoon, but when I try to use Canvas+, I get an error when I try using the contents of "Preload.js". Not even a problem when trying to load it, so I don't even know why it's happening. Does anyone know what it could be? I would like to use Canvas+, since the webview is a bit slow. Thank you!
  3. hi everybody, I'm developing a browser game with pixijs, I have finished 90%. My problem is: as I distribute the game in the Apple Store or google play market. In this forum, I read that you use cocoonjs, but I don't want use it, because I have to change many things in the project (for example: canvas render, google font, etc...) My game runs fine in chrome and firefox browsers (mobile and desktop) at 60 FPS. I tried to compile the project with apache cordova (PhoneGap), but it run at 12 FPS. This my question on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22011274/why-performance-webgl-of-phonegap-is-different-from-firefox-or-chrome I can not compile project with another embedded webview in phonegap, because it is very difficult, there is no documentation and is still unstable!! chrmome webview for phonegap: https://github.com/thedracle/cordova-android-chromeview Firefox webview for phonegap: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Projects/GeckoView Any idea? Please give me some advice...sorry form my english. Marco.
  4. Hello world! Just realeased my first Phaser + Cocoon game. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.boboalegre.chipchipcrap It is really a basic starter (side-)project but I'm quite happy how it came out. I plan to continue upgrading things so I'd really appreciate any suggestion/feedback. Hope you give it a try! Have a great day!
  5. Last update of this information was 13 August 2014. Note: As of this writing, CocoonJS (2.0.*) comes in a total of three modes. [system] WebView creates an instance of the default browser for a platform, loads its own API, and then hands off the code execution. In most cases, it is the same as running the code in a mobile platform's default browser. WebView+ is often the same as WebView, but adds in Chromium-based libraries. For Canvas+ mode (previously accelerated, "Canvas 2D/WEBGL") it strips out things like XML and most DOM and CSS support to make running the canvas as fast as possible. Because of this, most common things like getElementById and createElement in JavaScript have reduced functionality. It is designed purely for Canvas-based projects. (For the 2.0 branch, see the changelog from 1.4.7.) Since there is limited DOM support, make sure to use an empty string for the parent element during the creation of a game object when using the accelerated/Canvas+ mode. (This is to make sure the created canvas element is appended to the document.body object, and not some other element the getElementById function cannot find.) var game = new Phaser.Game(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight, Phaser.CANVAS, '', {preload: preload, create: create, update: update});Issues with Phaser <= 2.0.7 and CocoonJS <= 2.0.2 (Canvas+) Images Use of multiple images may introduce disappearing or flickering results. Text Single-line text printing works. However, using the newline character will not produce the correct results. Setting anchor.y values do not work correctly.Shadows do not work. XML CocoonJS does not have native support for XML. Its XHR does not return responseXML and it does not have a window.DOMParser object. Scaling Generally, you can use window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight to compute the size of the screen in CocoonJS. However, if you know there might be a device pixel ratio issue, the following code works for that. var width = window.innerWidth * window.devicePixelRatio;var height = window.innerHeight * window.devicePixelRatio;Depending on your needs, Phaser's built-in scaling manager will often be enough. However, the following code suggested by Starnut should be helpful for accounting for odd screen sizes as well. var w = window.innerWidth * window.devicePixelRatio,h = window.innerHeight * window.devicePixelRatio,width = (h > w) ? h : w,height = (h > w) ? w : h;// Hack to avoid iPad Retina and large Android devices. Tell it to scale up.if (window.innerWidth >= 1024 && window.devicePixelRatio >= 2){width = Math.round(width / 2);height = Math.round(height / 2);}// reduce screen size by one 3rd on devices like Nexus 5if (window.devicePixelRatio === 3){width = Math.round(width / 3) * 2;height = Math.round(height / 3) * 2;}var game = new Phaser.Game(width, height, Phaser.CANVAS, '');BitmapFonts Because of the lack of XML support, one solution for BitmapFonts is to convert the XML into JSON and use an alternative loader. This post covers the code needed and what to use to convert the XML into JSON. Audio Most often, audio problems are related to the device itself, not CocoonJS or Phaser. If you are running on an Android device, make sure you have OGG or WAV (16-bit ONLY) files. Apple devices support MP4, OGG, MP3, WAV (16-bit ONLY), or MPEG. (Remember too that MP3 decoding, depending on the device, can often be slow.) On some platforms, a user-activated event (like touch) is needed to enable sound. This specifically affects iOS devices, but is not uncommon on other platforms too. Using something like a "Tap to Continue" button or an initial menu works well to signal to the player to tap to enable both the game and sounds. Filters Filters don't work currently. (As reported here.) Buttons There is currently a problem where image-based buttons can sometimes disappear. It is under investigation. It is HIGHLY recommended to update to newer versions of Phaser ( >=2.0.7) and CocoonJS ( >=2.0.2). Issues between older versions of both libraries are no longer being actively tracked.
  6. I'm trying to port my game to mobile using ludei's cocoonjs. When playing my game in a browser, (in chrome, Edge, FF), the audio in the game works fine. Opening the game in the Cocoon Developer App (using the Cavas+ option), none of audio is found. I get errorr such as: Phaser.Cache.getSound: Key "Orcs" not found in Cache. All the audio files are in my preload state i.e. game.load.audio("Orcs", ["assets/sounds/Orcs.mp3"]); And again, all the audio works fine in a regular browser. Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution? One more note - the audio does work when using the Webview option in the Cocoon Dev App. However, I'd rather use the Canvas+ since everything I read said that's the better option for html5 games all contained within a canvas. Thanks!
  7. Hi I have a zip file that I tested on cocoon dev launcher and is working fine but not after compiling on the cloud. Any ideas thanks
  8. Hello guys, I know your busy on your projects but I'm stuck with this problem about 4 months I don't know what's wrong but I did all my best to make it work but unfortunately it won't. I just need help and some instructions for me to make it work. this is my, sample demo that didn't work for many times :'( Phaser-Ads.rar hope someone notice problems on it, regards. Phaser-Ads.rar
  9. Hello guys. I just need help regarding on implementing ads on my Phaser game, I am using CocoonJS compiler to compile my game and it seems that my process didn't work and I just rely on some examples from github and didn't work also. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks. I will upload my code here for checking.
  10. Hello guys. I just need help regarding on implementing ads on my Phaser game, I am using CocoonJS compiler to compile my game and it seems that my process didn't work and I just rely on some examples from github and didn't work also. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks. I will upload my code here for checking. Phaser-Ads.rar
  11. Hello, This game was made with Phaser framework, P2 Physics, Howler.js, localForage, phaser-ads plugin and wrapped with CocoonJS Google Play: Truck Reign Itch.io: https://alex-creativity.itch.io/truck-reign YouTube: Truck Reign Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I'm surprised I can't find threads about Phaser development for Android and it's horrible performance. Generally the result of my googling is that making HTML5 games for Android is way worse than making Internet Explorer 6 hacks for websites was before. It looks like Phaser and probably most other frameworks are more or less unusable with it, so this is a huge issue. I'm early in development of a game, and after my tests I've noticed it's lagging on Android even with the simplest possible tween for one sprite across the screen (code attached). This applies both to the native Android browser and using CocoonJS with Canvas+, my test device is Galaxy Tab 3. CocoonJS claims the fps to be over 60, but in reality there's the occasional chop in movement every few seconds. On Android's Chrome browser it's ok, but obviously that's not enough. If I use the moveToXY function instead of tweens, it's closer to acceptable, but still far from perfect. Any of the tips provided in the long and pinned CocoonJS thread don't seem to apply to this case, since I suppose it's more about Android than anything else. I'm very interested in hearing people's thoughts about this, have you made not-laggy games for Android with Phaser, and if, how on earth did you succeed? window.onload = function() { var game = new Phaser.Game(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight, Phaser.CANVAS, 'gameContainer', { preload: preload, create: create }); function preload() { game.load.image('robo', 'img/robo_small.png'); } function create() { var robo = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'robo'); var tween = game.add.tween(robo); tween.to({x: 1200, y: 600}, 20000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None); tween.start(); }};
  13. Looking for a developer who is familiar and experienced with Pandajs and Cocoonjs for continuous game development work. If you're interested in this opportunity you must have prior experience and have published at least one game on the app store. Please send your experience, expected rate, along with URLs to your published games to [email protected] . This is a long term position for the right candidate and working remotely is not a problem. ----------------------------- www.GameGurus.com GameGurus is a full stack developer of games for smartphones, tablets, and all connected devices. We’ve built games for players to learn about Newton’s laws, corporate leadership, anatomy, or just shoot some hoops. Our experienced team of global developers are passionate about combining visually impressive art with highly engaging gameplay to immerse players in exciting new worlds. Contact us with your game idea today!
  14. I am doing some comparing of mobile application options. Thought maybe someone might mention if I am way off in the wrong direction (usually when I start these threads it is more of a conversation with myself ). As it relates to using either of the deviceorientation cameras in BJS, the environment must support the 2, orientationchange & deviceorientation, window events. I cannot seem to get any direct search hits for "WKWebView deviceorientation". WKWebView is the iOS class where your html5 is embedded. I am seeing crosswalk directly supports W3C DeviceOrientation Events, so Android looks good. I am wondering if using this plugin could be done? It's callback is just navigator.compass.getCurrentHeading, that can be done on a specified frequency. It does not look like I could sub-class babylon.freecamera.input.deviceorientation.ts, but thinking it could be replicated. Cameras like babylon.deviceOrientationCamera.ts could definitely be sub-classed by changing one line in the constructor, though. Is this completely insane, because of "..."?
  15. Hello, I'm trying to call the keyboard on click (InputDown) event. Everything works fine in Android, but on iOS the keyboard doesn't show. I'm running the app through Cocoon Developer App using .zip file openKeyboard: function() { Cocoon.Dialog.showKeyboard({ type: Cocoon.Dialog.keyboardType.TEXT, }, { insertText: function(inserted) { console.log(inserted); }, deleteBackward: function() { console.log("deleteBackward"); }, done: function() { console.log("user clicked done key"); }, cancel: function() { console.log("user dismissed keyboard"); } }); } showKeyboard function is called because I've checked that using console logs, but actual keyboard is not appearing... Anyone encountered simillar problems? Or maybe you can recommend some other option to display keyboard in native app?
  16. hi, i'm very new to phaser, i almost finished my first game using it. but i'm facing a problem wrapping my game using cocoonjs . the problem in the input fields, i used a plugin called phaser-input it doesn't have <select></select> option and its unfillable after wrapping . i tried integrating regular html form and it disappear in mobile, you can see my game in : http://goo.gl/IJI9jO can you please guide me how to make inputs that can be desplayed in mobile after wrapping ... Sorry for the bad english, thank you PS:in game play i reduced the FPS to 25 as the performance in mobile using cocoonjs is bad in 60FPS...
  17. Hi guys, Exist any template to use Phaser with Ionic Framework? PD: I would like to compile with WebView+ of CocoonJS to test the performance Thanks in advance, Nicholls
  18. Hello everyone! For the past several weeks I have been working on a new Android / HTML5 web game. It is called GeoJump and can be found here: Geti it on Google Play Store A webversion can be found here: www.webplusapp.net/geojump (with limitations) Description: Go your way to the top - you can jump with funny characters and beat the different obstacles. Which character you get the highest? Choose from 20 comical characters, collect diamonds and let the score of your friends just behind you. GeoJump is characterized by: ★ Endless, challenging gameplay ★ 20 cool characters ★ Completely crazy obstacles ★ Super graphics ★ Worldwide leaderboards ★ Perfect for a little game Instructions: Tap the screen to jump. If you come in touch with the obstacles, the fun starts all over again. If you're not touching, your character will losing altitude! Some Screenshots: I would be happy for feedback and for your rating (and download on play store ). best regards Little background informations: Made with Phaser 2.4.7 Ported with cocoonjs Physics with P2JS and PhysicsEditor
  19. Im trying to scale my game so that it fits the whole screen, I don't care about images being stretched at this point, so I'm using the EXACT_FIT scale mode in phaser, which is supposed to scale it so that it fills the whole screen. Its working for the most part, except that only the top and the left side of the screen have little white bars. I've attached a screen shot but it might be hard to see since the background of the post is white. I know my game is scaling all the way because my bg color is set to green and not white, so I think it might be the background of the web browser that the game is running in? I'm using cocoonjs to make the apk that I'm running. Any suggestions on how to get those two little white bars to go away?
  20. Hello, I am making a multiplayer card game in phaser, the game is targeted for web as well as packaged for iOS and android using cocoon.io. Now my problem is suppose a player minimizes/tabs the game on browser or minimizes the app then it doesnt affects others, since he is just same as not taking actions so he will either fold or check when timed out, but the problem is when he maximizes again, all the animations (tweens) that were pending, like some1 betting or players drawing cards, or chips going to winner, all of them play at once. I am not sure how to procede from here. Is there a way to let the app execute the tweens to sprites even when minimized. Also I want to know how to find out when the exported app minimizes, i tried adding listener to onPause and onResume, it works fine on browsers but doesnt on exported cocoonjs app. Thanks
  21. I have some moderately complex text-centric interface to build in addition to a rendered+physics portion. I need to use Phaser for the latter, but would like to use overlaid DOM elements for the former, especially since it sounds like updates from the reactive data sources would be easier. Am I risking not being able to build the app for mobile using CocoonJS if I use both Phaser and the DOM instead of rendering everything onto the canvas?
  22. Hi, I'm not sure if I am allowed to post about this here, but I was wondering if anyone else cannot ever login to see "Your apps" in CocoonJs Launcher on One plus One phone, with Cyanogemod 12.1.1. I just keep getting Unknown error. Am I the only one and is there a way to make it work, because I am sick of uploading my apk every time I build the game.
  23. Looking for a talented HTML 5 Games Developer, based in London. Must have: Experience in HTML5 games development Be well versed in OOP practices and design patterns Knowledge of the latest libraries and frameworks Even better if: Experience with CocoonJS or PhoneGap Experience with WebGL An open minded, keen candidate is essential, someone who is positive and self-motivated, always ready to learn. If you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate in contacting me to discuss this further.
  24. HTML5 Game Developer Im looking for a talented HTML5 Game Developer to work with our fantastic client. You will be working in a very young, vibrant and fun environment on a variety of cross-platform projects and see them from concept to delivery and beyond. Based in London, we can assist in a relocation if necessary Key Requirements for the role: Experience in HTML5 games development using DOM and canvas Passionate about games, with an understanding of game-play mechanics Well versed in OOP Practices and design patterns Knowledge of the latest libraries and frameworks Experience with using third party plugins and code and knowing when to use them Positive and self-motivated Open-minded and keen to learn Other desirable skills: Experience with CocoonJS or PhoneGap Experience with WebGL Experience with Flash, Unity or C++ Experience in general digital media asset production If you want to discuss this role further, Dont hesitate to give me a ring as soon as possible. Nixi Jhakra DDI: 0044 (0) 203 056 5960 EMAIL: [email protected] Job Type: Full-time Salary: £70,000.00 /year Required education: Diploma/Certificate
  25. Hey guys! this is the trailer for my newest game Reach for the Star! It was built using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript with the iioEngine http://iio.js.org/ I have ported it to iOS and Android however I cant share the web build until the iOS and android builds are published. Any feedback on the trailer would be awesome!
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