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Found 6 results

  1. I am creating a game, where a lot of tiles need to be rendered. My goal is to render with this method at least 500k tiles. Since the tiles won't be redrawn every time but moved, this method should work out. I am using the pixi-tilemap library to create a fast & simple renderer to render a dynamic tilemap. The renderer approves itself to work, but .position.set seems to pull the tilemap from the interface away. I know, the function .position.set does not contain the same parameters as the one of the demo, however this function also does not work with the parameters of the demo. Some parameters must be added. The tutorial I have been using this classic demo: https://github.com/Alan01252/pixi-tilemap-tutorial
  2. Hi everyone! It's my first post on this forum, but I'm for a longer time just reding posts. Ok, finally I have to ask a few questions by myself. If tl;dr, read just numbered questions (or one of them though) Actually I'm creating a fast-paced 2d shooter (side-scrolled, like soldat - if You don't know this game, take a look at video in the end of post) and finally got few problems. Game is using PIXI.js and uhm.. Was using p2.js, but that library has been superseded by PhysicsJS. Now I still have few problems, that is: 1. I still wonder if PhysicsJS is a good physics library for fast-paced shooter and I'm still thinking about return p2.js or use another better engine. I have read and checked few other libraries (like matterjs - box2d and similar aren't an option because of not plain javascript code). Is there any better option? 2. I have a problem with shooting. I really don't know how to do this. Or maybe otherwise - I have done it, but not the way I want. In p2.js everything is excellent except shooting - If bullets were too fast, collision detection event didn't notice collision beetwen bullet and other stuff. That's a major reason why I changed library to PhysicsJS. Now there is a problem with gravity and shooting. If Bullets are fast, they appear on screen in groups of 4 bullets separated by few pixels. Otherwise they are landing on ground very quickly. How can I do better shooting ? Maybe just in PIXi.js with own collision detection (just for bullets) function ? 3. This game will be a multiplayer. Is PhysicsJS or p2.js a good library to run on node.js? And will sharing few servers (game rooms) on one node.js server (for ex. 4-5 servers for 20 players one) be a good option looking at performance and cpu? Thanks a lot for reply ! As I said at beggining, I'm giving soldat gameplay:
  3. Hey! Here is Rollik, a game i've made for Android with CocoonJS. It's a simple concept, and for no reason i can't stop playing... My brother is actually the higher score with 24, tell me what's yours. Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FireTotemArena.Rollik Instructions - Tap and hold to keep engine activated. - Fuel remaining is represented with the colored ball inside Rollik. The smaller it is, the less fuel Rollik has. - Completely land on a platform to start refueling (the colored ball will become green). - While refueling, you can't take off until you leave the platform (the colored ball will become red if you try). Keep pressing with your finger and it will automatically take off when leaving the platform. That's all. Have fun!!
  4. I'm not sure if it's exactly Babylon.js question, but here's the situation I can't deal with for a while now... I have a box (player), that has velocity and etc. things, right? While the box doesn't touch (intersects) anything it's — player.velocityY -= worldGravity, when it touches something — player.velocityY = 0 and no worldGravity applies anymore, right? Things work as they should. The problem is that -velocityY is so high that player gets inside of the floor and only then stops. I tried everything I could: intersects for meshes, for bounding boxes, points, even rays infos (distance and etc.); but nothing helps because -velocityY is higher than collision code runs (I'm not sure but that's my only though, since less velocity works just fine). Player's velocity by Y gets between -8 and 0, while gravity is 0.25. Any thoughts? player.y++ while intersects isn't an option, of course.
  5. I simply want to know which one is faster and how and for what.. i suppose cocoonjs is way better for gaming than appgyver and appgyver is good for native ui and where they may be needed like in most normal apps.
  6. Hey guys! I just applied an update to my game, Fast Racer. I updated the GUI and added stuff to the game. Fast Racer is a small game where the object is to avoid cars coming towards you. Let me know if I should add, remove or change something in the game. I recommend that you play the game with a mobile or tablet, because the game is made with gyroscope control, but it also works fine n a desktop ( Sadly no gyroscope control on desktop ) Is this game good enough to get sponsors, or if not, what are the requirements? Play the game: http://dev.gustavgb.dk/games/fastracer/ Screenshots:
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