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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! This is my little game called 'Salvage', a sort of turn-based bullet-hell game (with inspiration from SuperHot). I hope you enjoy, and I would of course appreciate any feedback or comments you would be willing to spare!
  2. I want to know your opinions about my game controls arrow keys or wasd to move and C to dash note: you need to use chrome
  3. Can you get out of hell? LATEST GAME BY DONTMIND8 GAME STORY The King of all terrorist died due to heart attack, His soul fall into hell. The King of all terrorist want to get out into the hell, but it’s hard! Can you help him? CONTROLS ARROW KEYS TO MOVE PRESS ARROW KEYS and SPACE BAR to DASH INSTRUCTIONS Collect diamonds and find the key to open the door to next level PLAY GET OUT OF HELL NOW!
  4. Hey folks, Check out our first game made with Construct2 and Cocoon! Game Features: • 7 Unlockable Zones • 7 Unique Soundtracks • 28 Hard Stages • 2 Game Modes • HD Graphics .
  5. Path Squared, my new 40 level path following puzzle game is now complete ! let me know what you think Here's the Link : Path Squared has been developed in Haxe, designed from the beginning to be native HTML5 (compiled to js), the HTML5 version uses soundjs to handle music and sound effects. It's also available as Android Native (compiled as cpp), and Flash (compiled as3) !
  6. I'm making a minimal memory game heavily inspired by Simon toy. My idea is to keep the gameplay oldschool, but prepare a minimal, modern design. I also plan to keep it hard. Here's a playable HTML5 version. Some more details: - I'm approaching it from the other end than most people. It started as an iOS hybrid app done with Cordova, later I wrote a simple gulp.js script to automatically build a web version. - There are many Simon clones, but most modify the gameplay somehow. E.g. add more colors, new rules, etc. I think the old gameplay worked best and I want to create a similar experience. Offtopic, here's a cool article about reverse engineering Simon game. - The devices have changed though. I want my game to be phone/tablet friendly with pretty and minimal design. I'm moving in small iterations, there's only Single Player mode right now. I'd love to add leaderboards & Game Center integration, local multiplayer, colorblind mode and in general, polish it some more. Do you like it? Should I improve something? Is the difficulty ok? On which feature (leaderboards / local multiplayer /colorblind mode / something else) should I work next? Bonus: I've written a blog post about how this game was made. Also, here's the game's twitter account: @RepeatingWSimon
  7. Jump Drive is a tough as nails text based platformer. You and your friend, Eric, got trapped in a video game! Wall jump to collect coins, avoid spikes, and complete levels. Overload the system to defeat the evil computer AI named John, and get out of the game! Play Jump Drive! Check Out My Blog!
  8. Hey everybody, A while ago I created this game. It's hard and requires some super ninja powers to beat it. The object is to jump blue and black squares. Why both? Because the black squares are only dangerous from the sides and from underneath, which means you can walk on it. The levels are randomly generated, so that it's impossible to practice on curtain levels. You win the game when you reach the green square. But as I said before, it requires some super ninja powers to get there. Only people with those exact powers will be able to do it. ( Also I'm not responsible for various rage-actions ) Play the game: Screenshots: