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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All! Intro As a front-end developer it was a MUST to create an online HTML5 game for our wedding website I've recently discovered Phaser and I was amazed by the things you can achive with it. The Phaser community is just awesome, I've got a lot of help from forums, examples and tutorials I've found during the development. I would like to give something back to the community. That's one of the reasons I've published the source code of the game. The game Wedding Run is an endless 2D platform game. You can play either with the groom or with the bride. The long as you will
  2. Hello, A complete newbie here. So, I selected my project within 3 weeks as " Mario like game with level editor" for my college and can only use plain javascript and nothing else. I have done some research and i found that i have to make it on canvas. My logic was to first create a json data and render the map from that and make it playable. Then make an editor where the user can drag and drop tiles which after finished creates a json data, from which the game can render from. But, how do i start on this? Any guidance? How do i render the json and provide collision detection. Also, how
  3. Such Bunny Run Addictive jump and run coded in Haxe+Openfl. * Optimized for Desktop and Mobile * Mind twisting 30 levels (+30 mobile) with 3 coins each. * Polished visuals You can try it here: HTML5, Flash, Android, IOS This game is available for HTML5 licensing.
  4. Hey everybody, I quickly wanted to share a project I've been working on, It's for my class "Distributed Systems" at university. My lecturer was kind enough to give me some creative freedom, so I decided to build an experimental multiplayer demo of Super Mario Bros using HTML5 technologies. It uses a Peer to Peer architecture leveraging WebRTC with the help from the excellent Peer.js. Some images: Technologies (client side): Phaser.js + Pixi.jsES6 using BabelPeer.js (WebRTC)Underscore.jsTechnologies (server side): Node.js with Express.jsPeerServerGruntSource Code: The source
  5. Hello ! I'm wondering what would be the best way to have pickable objects (with Physics.P2) ? I mean, I wan't to be able to interact with this item by its body but without it to be blocking me. The scenario would be: I have a Player class, a Pickable class (a coin). Once the player's body touches the coin's body it fires an event (like onBeginContact) but never blocks me. It looks possible with: -Sprite.overlap (but not accurate at all) -Solid bodies and body.onBeginContact(...) then I immediatly clearShapes (but it's not clean, and the player will still be stuck 1 frame) ... Thank you
  6. so i am making a platformer and i'd like to achieve mario like kill mechanics.. like if the player jumps on top of a say demon the demon dies but if the player touches the said demon from either side - right left or bottom, the player dies.... just like in mario if mario touches the moustache creatures mario dies or even if they fall on mario, mario dies but if he jumps or falls on top of them, they die.....
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