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Found 7 results

  1. Description: Sushi Chef is puzzle game for sushi and puzzle lovers that test your eyes and your hand movement coordination. In this game, you play as new sushi chef at the sushi restaurant that have firm employer who will fire you if you fail to please the customers. Your job is to match three or more similar sushi while you try to fill up customers sushi’s orders that visit your restaurant in limited time that given to you. You have to pleased your customer before they lost their interest to eat and leave the restaurant unsatisfied. If you fail, your employer will fire you or make you back to lower level. But if you success, your employer will promote you to run another sushi restaurant. Enjoy and challenge yourselves in this addictive game, get more promotion from the employer so you can run various sushi restaurant and be famous as great Sushi Chef. Play Store Can this game will be added to Phaser game showcase? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys I just wanted to share a match 3 game i made with phaser last year. There are 40 levels no 'pay to win' and its quite difficult. Kind regards Niels
  3. Hi there, HTML5 developers! This is Jord de Kooning from Cloud Games. We are looking to cooperate with talented HTML5 developers who specialize in the following game genres: Match 3, Mahjong and Bubble Shooter. We can offer you a fixed fee per game and a revenu share on all (in-game) advertising. If you are interested learning more about this opportunity, please reach out directly to me on If you can already share previous games in this genre you have a higher change to be selected. For reference, take a look at our gaming portals and publisher page. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them! Jord
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm proud to announce the beta release of my HTML5 game Sandokutm. Sandoku is the most fun you'll ever have with bugs and numbers. To play the game, you align 3 same colored game pieces called Stones into multiples of 5. Along the way you'll encounter adorable little critters to aid you in solving each level. Scattered along the forest are Golden stones which earn you new skills. Features Vibrant hand-drawn artworkFluidly animated backdrops80 Challenging levelsHours of addictive gameplay Play at GameJolt or Play at Facebook GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE SCREENS
  5. Chompy Saga Chompy Saga is my first game made for HTML5 using Game Maker Studio. Game Description: Help feed Chompy the dinosaur and all of his friends in this exciting Match Three game! Features include 100 levels of fun and 7 different dinosaurs with special effects to play, can you beat Chompy Saga?
  6. Cat vs Granny Small arcade game where cat eats as many tasty cakes as possible for 60 seconds. Instructions: Find two ore more cakes of one color and tap to eat them. When granny approaches you'll see big letters "RUN!" near you. tap them to escape. I made this game using Scirra Construct 2. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Most of my worries are about game performance on mobile and tablets: I was able only to test it on one device and it's relatively smooth but some lag is still notable... Also this is my first game that comes with ads and I hope that ad banners are placed well. Would be nice to hear your opinion about it too. Best regards, Tim
  7. If you like Tetris or Match-3 games, you will enjoy JollyBlocks a simple and addictive puzzle game. Thank you in advance if you give feedback (please include device, os and browser name, thanks a lot). You can play the game here: