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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone! This is a demo for a little game I have just finished: "Arachnowopunk" - an infinite-runner metroidvania. Instead of having complete freedom of movement, you have to strategically use the platforms to explore in the desired direction. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated! You can try it here: https://e1sif.itch.io/arachnowopunk (The game was coded in Haxe using OpenFl/Haxeflixel, but then exported to various platforms, including HTML5!)
  2. Hi! My name is Yonghai Yu and I come from China, And I am an indie game developer. Sun Wukong VS Robot is my first game that saling online. And it's a mini retro pixel metroidvania game. Mobile version gameplay GIF : Cinematic Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYTicb0GhuU Gameplay Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWXRwKbhXTw Store Links : Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1008830/ iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sun-wukong-vs-robot/id1451432651?mt=8 Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitca.svr Demo can be download on Itch.io : https://bitca.itch.io/svr Develop in Construct 3.
  3. I have created a platform game in 2D for the desktop that is based on the Classic Space theme by LEGO. It is still under testing so I will make a new post later on when it is finished, but here is a little preview of the game. It is written from scratch in Javascript without using any libraries (except for jQuery sometimes), and since it is quite big it probably takes more then 5 hours to finish. In total there are 6 bosses and about 50 different enemies. The graphical style is a mix between Nintendo 8-bit and C64. I also wonder if you got any tips on how I can spread this game to a bigger audience?
  4. Ever wonder what would happen if your gamepad's buttons came to life? Join square in his adventures, save Hexagon and Trapezoid from the hands of Evil Pen! Bad Pad is platformer game mixed with a little arcading, shooting, puzzle solving and metroidvania elements, that being said it is still a platformer, so expect a lot of jumping and fair amount of dying along the way. Bad Pad is available for Early Access on Steam now! Devblog, free demo, media kit and more can be found here.
  5. 'Rufanzia' (working title) is a non-linear 2D platformer / metroidvania, set in a world of gothic adventure. I'm currently seeking a sprite artist with 2D animation skills to help populate the game with enemies and NPC's. This would be a good position for a confident beginner with some experience of non-pixel art sprites. Compensation will be based on how we decide to market and sell the game, if we do decide to crowdfund, a split of this can be arranged to cover expenses and time. Team Structure: Myself - environment art, code. You - 2D animated sprites. Progress: pre-alpha, but with a stable prototype than includes all gameplay elements, simply lacking finished non-PC sprites (currently using placeholders). The game itself: *Retro action-platformer with light RPG elements. *Dark and bizarre atmosphere but not a horror game, achieved through art style, architectural level design and sound. *Real-time combat with a wide range of melee' weapons, black powder guns and element-based magic. *Non-linear approach to progression, player choices set the pace and outcome of events, includes sub-quests and some backtracking to unlock new areas. *Power-ups that rewards exploration rather than repetitive grinding. *Cross platform, though the magic of html5 & node.js Brief: The focus will be on enemy and NPC sprites. Each enemy will require one set of move frames, one set of attack frames and one set for taking damage. NPC's need one movement strip and one basic action set which differs depending on their type. Style is non-pixel art, so more of a painterly approach with blending and soft edges. Please email [email protected] if you are interested, or if you prefer get in touch via twitter: @@iao_dev I look forward to hearing from you
  6. Warning : if you play with the Safari browser, you can experiment some weird bugs. I recommend Firefox. Hello everyone. This is my first post on that forum, sorry if I didn't introduce myself, I'm ridiculously shy and I easily feel uncomfortable. So, just to be polite : I'm 26, my name is Franck, I am french and I am dreaming of making video games since I am a child. Well, enough of that, here is my game. No Happiness World. This is my really first game. I used the physics motor Phaser, and the software Tiled to do the level design. I used MSPaint and Gimp to do the design. And everything else is by me, I did it all alone. So ! Let me introduce my game. No Happiness World is an old school typed Metroidvania platformer with ultra minimalist, black and white graphics. You are trapped in an unhappy, lifeless world and try to escape. Caracteristics : MinimalistShort scenarioAbout 20 minutes to clear the game assuming you know the walkthough (else it's longer)A good ending and a bad ending. The good ending is harder to reach and requires to explore everything and to think.Three power-ups, a forth one if you want to reach the good ending.Strong work on the level design.Automatic save when you change level. Save is deleted when you reach an ending. I am a level designer and I am a game developer, I am neither a game music composer nor a game designer. I put all my efforts on the level design, remember that I am alone and this is just my first game, so I can not be experimented. Actually, I have some ideas for further games. You can play it here : http://www.kongregate.com/games/FKombre/no-happiness-world I'll submit it elsewhere depending of the feedbacks. Three screenshots (on attached thumbnails) Edit 21h53 : link has changed.
  7. 10/4/14 Did someone say #screenshotsaturday ? Here's a dozen: http://imgur.com/a/4eLrV http://www.crunchpickle.com 9/20/14 The official homepage for my solo project B.LAST is now live at http://www.crunchpickle.com Also as a super secret surprise, I've posted a playable demo. Don't get too excited though, it's not the official Alpha release as that is not quite ready yet. It's an early pre-alpha test demo, it's windows only, and requires a gamead. See the game in its earlier terribleness. 9/14/14 I promised a big update, so here goes nothing. Current version: B.LAST.v.a.3470 Development Stage: Finalizing the game mechanics. New Stuff: new character design, level maker, B.LAST B.ALL 2 player mode, tons of bug fixes, improved FPS, new gameplay features Animated GIFS: More: http://imgur.com/a/E2pvZ#kGdEmhv VIDEO: ---8 minutes of the in game level maker (For 2 player B.LAST B.ALL game mode(competitive) (done prior to the new character design, needs updating)) ---Some good video of the new character look: ALSO look for B.LAST here: Scirra Forum: https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=156&t=115673 And over here:http://www.reddit.com/r/indiegameshttp://www.reddit.com/r/construct2 A website, facebook page & another HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT will be coming within the next couple of weeks. Upvote me, like me, & talk to me people. I need the feedback, and it motivates the hell out of me to know that somebody will play this game someday. "Be excellent to each other." - Lincoln 9/8/14 - Working on a huge update dump for this week. Will include info on new game modes, new main character design and level builder. Videos, gifs, and screenshots will be included. Stay tuned. Greetings. I am a lone developer working on my first game. I have a day job as a graphic designer, and spend another 60 hours a week on top of that building a weird shooter/rpg in Construct 2. I appreciate any feedback I can get on the concept and look, and find that critique can be helpful if I want to build a better game. If you want more info about the game and the upcoming demo release, I have an official thread on Scirra's Construct 2 forums: https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=148&t=112812 I am happy to answer questions about the game's development, art style and future. I would also appreciate hearing from those of you who have already successfully published your own games. What challenges did you face, and what are your success stories? Thank you for taking the time to look. I look forward to hearing your comments and critiques. -Joey
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