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Found 11 results

  1. Would like to showcase our new game Royalz.io. Royalz was made with pixi.js, node.js and socket.io. Try to be the sole survival in this action packed 2d battle royale game. Collect armor, food and ammo as you try to take down the other players. Play here: https://lagged.com/io/royalz
  2. I posted a response in a thread that had some applicable information to it, but it never got a response and I have questions, so this is sort of a re-post. I've created an HTML5 clone of a game I saw in a casino recently wherein players "grab" cards as they are dealt in order to reach a target score determined randomly before the game starts. I specifically created it to be played using physical buttons around a TV embedded into a table. I used the EaselJS APIs and I'm pretty happy with the results. The next level, so to speak, would be in allowing players to use their mobile devices to g
  3. for (var i in Game.playerMap) { for (var e in Game.weaponMap) { game.physics.arcade.collide(Game.playerMap[i], Game.weaponMap[e].bullets,Game.colision(i), null, this); } }; Game.colision = function(id){ //console.log(id); //Client.socket.emit('colision',"colision"); }; I want to make collisions and send them via socket to the server ... but for now I have a problem because it constantly sends me collisions without detecting between the shot and the enemy .. any ideas?
  4. Hello, I am creating realtime game using node + socket.io. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how could I animate other players movements. This is how I put other players on map: socket.on('showPlayers', (data) => { for (var key in data.players) { if(key != data.id) players[key] = game.add.sprite(data.players[key].position.x, data.players[key].position.y, 'player', 1); } }); And Updating their positions: socket.on('updatePlayers', (data) => { players[data.id].position = data.position; }); To animate my own player I am simply usin
  5. A small simple multiplayer game https://github.com/code0wl/Multiplayer-Phaser-game There is also book that I have just published showing the steps to take to create such a game Preview: http://www.codeowl.tech:3000/
  6. Hello everybody! I can create single player games with phaser and now I want to start making multiplayer games using socket.io + node.js So unfortunately I haven't found any tutorials about how to create games on phaser with phaser. I have never had projects with serverpart(so I have no experience in it) So that's all I could understand and write myself :[ SERVER PART var express = require('express'); var app = express(); var serv = require('http').Server(app); var counter = 0; app.get('/', function(req, res) { res.sendFile(__dirname + '/client/index.html'); }); ap
  7. Hello. I know there are some tutorials out there. Mostly there are html5- no game engine focused. Since I am using Phaser I have some doughts on how to proceed. My game has multiple classes like player classes. The class code is something like this: var Player = function () { sprite... physics properties... groups... etc... } Well this was fine in offline. I think that I should apply an id to every player in the game (associated to unique socket id). Probably add a property ".id" to the Player class. How should I do that? Should I create a new Player for every client that
  8. 3D realtime editor minimal proof of concept on Github. https://github.com/GrosSacASac/3D-realtime-editor-proof-of-concept I put it on Github because some people were interested to see how it works. Maybe on this forum also. Note the poor code quality because it was a rapid prototype. The camera and the objects are the same in every tab open. Tested in Firefox and Chrome
  9. Hi guys, At first, I want to apologize for my bad english. I'll try to do my best. I'm creating a phaser multiplayers game based on the tower defense concept. There is a wave of monsters who walks along a specific path during an undertermined time (until every monsters of the wave died). Each monster of the wave is a sprite which has his own tween. Here I encountered 2 problems : 1) If I open a new tab in the browser running phaser, do some stuff, and come back to the tab with phaser, some tweens are crashing and the path of some of the monsters (not all) is not respected anymore.
  10. Hi all, I've been a bit more of a lurker when it comes to this forum. I've made a couple posts, all related to pixi and have been more active on their github forum than on html5gamedevs. The fruits of about half of a year's work has finally come together in a beta game on Facebook. I'd love for anyone who has a chance to check it out. Any and all feedback is welcomed (you can either reply here on in our in game support ticket center). We use a good bit of DOM elements for our menu UIs and Pixi to render the game. Socket.io and Nodejs are used in the javascript backend and CI for the html f
  11. This is a clone of Scrabble but in real-time with multiplayer. This is for learning purpose and the game is not playable 24/7. But when it is it's very fun. I thing all the massive multiplayer games are fun if they easy to begin. And that's what :LETTRS :LITEROJ is all about. You start as a one block (letter) and You move across the board. You can put letter on board by pressing space bar. If You need new letter just type it on the keyboard to switch. This is work in progress as I learn more and more about node.js developing. Play the "game" here: . For now it just a big sand
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