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Found 6 results

  1. Hello fellas! Having web games is amazing, but we all know monetisation and marketing is a lot easier with apps. What is currently the best way to port a web game into native apps? Is there any wrapper out there working well without having a big impact in performance? The one I've seen is cocoon js, but I've not yet been able to make it work. Many thanks in advance!
  2. hi, I used Intel XDK (crosswalk) to build my game for android platform. but for IOS the the performance is very bad. there is no crosswalk option under IOS tab any suggestions please? thank you
  3. Hi everybody ! I am searching a native performance wrapper for canvas based games on Android since long time. For the time being I only knew 3 ways (solutions allowing to use an existing code without having to change anything): CocoonJs, Ejecta-X et Intel XDK. The better being CocoonJs. But because I don't like: - Being dependent of a platform: the day they change the version, if this version introduce some bugs in your games, you cannot re-build anything until they fixed it. - Being unable to create custom native plugins. - Being unable to remove the splash screen. Last week, as I was searching for nth time an alternative, I fell on Crosswalk ( I think I already found this long time ago but I was not really impressed by the project, was afraid by the installation steps and was not too much into Android. But let's come to the point: as far as I have been able to test, performances are awesome! I tested only one game so far (a canvas 2d only) and here is how it's performing: + Galaxy S2: same speed as CocoonJs with a faster boot. + According to a friend who tested for me on a "Nexus 7 KitKat", an "Xperia 4.0.4" and a "Galaxy S3 4.1.2" : faster than the CocoonJs version - Sound effects seems to be very low on my S2, I forgot to ask to my friend for his devices That's it... would be awesome if somebody else could try to confirm or refute my conclusions. Installation is still a little pain in the a**. The biggest problem I got was to get the "adb" command line to work, but that's not really related to crosswalk, just an Android SDK stuff. But if you are like me an "Ejecta on iOS and CocoonJs on Android" guy, I think it's worth to try!
  4. Anyone knows other wrapper other than CocoonJS? they have great application but their response is almost non-existent, ranged from 3 weeks to a month. Just want to know if I have a better alternative. Thanks!
  5. Have you guys, looked into ? They've announced a release date, and also a great new mobile wrapper for iOS, Android and Kindle, which by default would give you the chance to chose what type of webview you'd like and also webgl enabled by default! They are saying, that, this wrapper is better that Phonegap, with a whole new magnitude. I wonder, if anyone from here will participate into their onsite training, and could try and do a demo with Pixi.js. It would be really interesting to see something done with their mobile wrapper, and see what exactly could be achieve in terms of performance. Here's their launching presentation Cheers!
  6. Web 3D Game Developers Gain Access to the Apple and Android Markets for First Time; Technology Demos This Week at GDC SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 25, 2013) - Ludei, the only HTML5 platform that brings native performance and features to mobile game developers, today announced it is adding 3D support to its game development platform, finally making it possible for developers to deliver WebGL 3D games to virtually any mobile device.