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What makes a true HTML 5 game?


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Highly subjective of course, but in my opinion a "true HTML5 game" (or "browser game" as I prefer) should primarily:

Create fun interplays across the web.

i.e. it is not a technology or tooling question, but a user experience question.  So YES, GameMaker, Unity and friends can make a true HTML5 game, but that's not to say they always do.


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This is only going to get more and more confusing. Pretty sure I've read somewhere that JS is currently the worlds most compiled-to language, presumably this is to get stuff running in a browser.

Browser games might be more appropriate for apps that run in browsers, which would then negate the discussion over how they were created. HTML5 covers the technology, and can be stuffed into any device/application capable of understanding it, stuff like node-webkit and Electron are not browsers, they just share tech with browsers, so calling apps Browser games instead of HTML5 games is still misleading.

No-one calls (or cares) native applications binary applications or C applications or whatever, they are just games and applications.

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For example, if someone creates a game in Godot, Unity, or GameMaker and exports their game into HTML 5 with a click of a button.. Is that really a HTML 5 game?

Yes! It is still HTML5 game.


HTML5 (Canvas/Webgl) is simply a target platform. Similar to Flash, to target Flash Player I can use ActionScript or use Haxe.

If I use Godot to target HTML5, I wouldn't call myself HTML5 developer but I will be a Godot developer.

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