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Cliclock challenges your sense of time by having you click 10 times at 1 second intervals. While clicking, you get feedback on how off the target you are. Positive values mean you were too slow, negative mean you were too fast. You can change the number of times to click, as well as the interval. In the options menu, you can even set the measurement as beats per minute. How accurate are you? :) 



Google Play:


Note: The game is available on Google Play, but it is an HTML5 game! It simply has a Cordova version.

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11 minutes ago, bruno_ said:

This is a very nice idea.

I think the feedback in milisseconds is not very friendly, perhaps just green for OK and red for TOO FAST and TOO SLOW as feedback.

but you need to know how much to adjust. maybe a -1s..0..1s gauge or clock face would make it easier

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1 hour ago, bruno_ said:

Yes, that would help

I disagree, knowing the ms was quite good and the color in the background also was a good indicator.

On another note, without looking into its settings. I would actually like after my first ten to do 25, then 50, then 100 clicks so adding stages is justified here I think. I used to practice this game in my free time, i.e. looking at my watch then trying to wait a full perfect 30 or 60 seconds before looking at it again, it's a very interesting subject.

I would really think it would be interesting if you could let people submit some survey information which you store on a score board. It's been said by biologists that older people perceive time as moving faster and young people perceive it as moving slower, so getting some more science from your game would be really interesting!

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