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Any other PC game publisher than Steam or gog.com to sell PC game for indie?


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Hi guys!


Just a quick question. Say I want to provide my game to PC as well in executable form (.exe), like using NodeWebkit. Now I want to sell it digitally through the internet. Do you have any recommendation on where I should do that other than Steam/gog.com?


To make it clear, my problem is I want to sell it directly from my website, but implementing credit card payment system stuff is quite a trouble, and PayPal is just limiting the users (let me know if I'm wrong and this is okay, if you're experienced with this). I hope there's any other solution.


If you have any other technique to do this, please let me know! thanks! :D

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Regarding PayPal: not really, you could do a lot worse than PayPal.


Getting another payment provider is only a bit of trouble (not a lot, depending on where you are in the world). But it rarely works better than PayPal. Sure, PayPal on paper appears to be more expensive for you (they charge a relatively high percentage per transaction), but almost all of the PayPal transactions go through, whereas with other providers you'll see lots of declined transactions, people trying to buy things multiple times then giving up, etc. So overall you save money by using PayPal.


Also, people tend to trust PayPal more, with PayPal and other options available on our website, most people choose PayPal anyway. So go with PayPal and don't worry :)


However what Steam and GoG do, is they give you a lot more visibility. Unless you have a decent marketing budget, Steam and GoG may be a better option than your website, because more people will know that your games exist in the first place - although you could probably do both things at the same time (Steam and your website).

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Thanks for the answers guys! I think I'll stick with PayPal then. I'll assume if the game is really that valuable they probably would go as far (if they don't have PayPal and don't mind to do with that).


Until then, Stripe is what I really want to implement for my payment gateway, but they're just not yet available in my country  :(.

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On 5/7/2014 at 10:08 PM, hilty said:


This widget insert my game in Humble Bundle Store too?

It will not add you onto the Humble Store. The widget and the store are two seperate things. Here's what Humble has to say on it: https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/202742080-Humble-Store-FAQ-For-Developers

We also recently did a blog post on a list of indie-friendly platforms to release your games, so that may be of help if you're looking for alternatives!

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