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Phaser 2.0.0 Released!


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After a LOT of hard work I finally pushed Phaser 2.0.0 out today! It literally only just snuck into the March 13th release date :) But I'm super happy with this build. The headlines:


1) Pixi 1.5 under the hood = much faster in nearly all cases

2) Multi-physics engine support: Arcade, p2.js full Body and Ninja.

3) Better Group handling - more sensible parenting, less code, better child support, faster.

4) Better Text handling - Bitmap Fonts with spaces in the name! Text shadows, text events, web fonts, etc.

5) More consistent input events across more game objects than before.

6) Literally hundreds of bug fixes. I cleared out github entirely :)

7) Much better tilemap collision than ever before - tile delta options, tile padding on bodies, faster getTiles, faster rendering

8) Tilemaps supported across Arcade, p2 and Ninja!

9) Lots of bizarre physics bugs nuked.

10) Retro Fonts :)

11) Tilemap ray casting :)

12) Load Lime/Corona polygon files direct into p2 bodies.


and loads I forget because I've not slept for 26 hours :)


In short ...




It's all on the repo: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser


Site to be updated when I'm back in the land of the living.


Thanks to everyone who helped test and reported bugs :)

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I'm just converting my work in progress over to version 2.  I see now sprite.width takes into consideration the crop. It took me an hour to figure out why my crop code wasn't working. hahha! But it's definitely for the best. And I no longer have to load the same image four times because crop affects only the sprite not the texture.


I'll have a quesiton about key input as it's broke my game, but I'll post a topic about that.

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Great job!


Any news on Spine support? I can see in the Road Map that DragonBones support is planned (which is great!), but no mention of Spine. Are there any plans for this issue?


Anyways, congratulations to you and all Phaser contributors! You are doing an amazing job!

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I really admire your productivity Rich. Thanks a lot!

Now I really looking forward for some articles about perfomance. How we can achieve best results in terms of framerate on mobile?

Like - better use Image then Sprite.

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