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Pixi.js Showcase

Mat Groves

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My first pixi.js game,

Game can be played here: http://goldenratio.github.io/candy-jump-saga/


Source code here: https://github.com/goldenratio/candy-jump-saga



FYI King.com owns the Trademark to "Candy" in relation to video games. It is likely they will take legal action against you if they happen across your game, they have been going crazy enforcing their trademark lately.

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Three Simians Software (a partner and myself) is about to introduce a learning application developed using Pixi.js, called Numbers Count.


This will begin life as a free app targetting iPad 2 and above.  It will also run on iPhone 6+ and works well on the desktop in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  It does not yet run properly on IE.


A link to the pre-release app is here:

Press "Start at 1" to try it out.  The Home icon in the upper left-hand corner takes you to other screens.


A blurb that describes the app:

A great way to learn numbers, counting, and beginning addition principals. This app combines different modes of learning (touch, graphics, and sounds) to match the students learning style and uses those modes to reinforce learning.  Designed with preschool and autistic students in mind, this app is easy to start using. Rewards gives incentive to complete each level and keep learning. Customize these rewards at each level so that they apply to your student. As your student earns more rewards, the app will keep track of what they've earned, and let your student track when their reward is used.  Overall progress is tracked using charts so you know which numbers need more work.

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Hi !


I've continued working on my AABB collider for Pixi.js



Game and its representation are structurally independant, which is useful to make things like the minimap on the top left.


Worked a lot on optimisation too. Collisions are handled by zones so that each mobile element is collided to a zone then to the static elements it contains. This reduces drastically the total number of collisions per frame.


Each world object has a reference to its graphical Pixi representation and vice versa. In the main loop, only mobile elements positions are refreshed. Each graphical element extends either PIXI.Sprite or PIXI.MovieClip, with a custom animation function called once per frame, which can handle interactions with the world. I found it to be the most efficient way to deal with the separation of structure and representation.


Still a lot of hard (design) work to go through, but I'm pleased with the result so far. I'll keep you updated.


Apart from that, I would like to thank (again) Mat, because my JS stepped up a lot since I'm looking at the sources of Pixi. I've learned Grunt, Git (yeah I was a lot late on that one) and many other things reading his code, which is highly understandable. AS3 and SVN now make me jump into the past ;)


Edit - now with controls and context-dependant animations !



Edit 14/02 - now with gravity toggling !


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Hi, last weekend I was in a flappy bird 6 hours code jam with a friend here: http://www.meetup.com/London-Indie-Game-Developers/events/166271502/?a=gs1.1_l

This was our entry: 

you can find the bug-driven-design hacked together source here: https://github.com/kentaromiura/flappybirds

and you can try the game here: http://kentaromiura.github.io/flappybirds/


It currently miss some of the basic feature like a start-restart menu (hit cmd+R/ctrl+R/f5 to restart and be prepared to click straight away),

misses touch control (but you can play using spacebar if you want), it has no sound whatsoever, and in order to finish in time the sprites has been stolen from another flappy bird clone (who made a ripoff version of the original FB who itself used some Nintendo texture) and ideally they should be replaced with something different.


We also found a bug on the very first frame, but that will not be cause any problem apart showing an error on the console if you manage to be faster than 1/60 of a second (this will only happen with the spacebar).

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Hey guys,


after about 10 years of game development absence, I started again with it ;) Over the weekend I played a little bit with pixie.js and coded a small "Bejeweled" like "match 3" game prototype.


The complete code can be downloaded from github. The game can be found here.


I never used javascript besides some basic jQuery stuff. So I first had to get comfortable with this language. Why can't it be like C++ ? ;) (just a joke)


Have fun Alex

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Already posted in the HTML5 Game Showcase section but I think it fits in here too.


Hi Guys,


this is my first HTML5 Game. Still a lot optimization to do tho. (GC etc)

Not yet sure if I want to add a tutorial ingame, maybe I should. 


I'm really not in the mood to include any deeper describtion, below the controls, a link to the game and a few screenshots.

I'd love to hear some opinions, thanks   :D


Game Play:


Move your cursor to move around, click to attack.
Keys: 1 and 2 for item slots.
Touchmove the screen to move around.
Tap to attack.



Game URL:







On a sidenote:

I will create the android and iOS versions native and not via webview / html5. I think it's just not the time yet to use HTML5 for smartphone apps.

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Here's a city building / business simulation game I've been working on for about 2 months:




It's nowhere near finished though, so don't expect much. You should expect even less of the source code, but it's at https://github.com/giraluna/citygame for those who might be interested.



I've really liked using Pixi so far. The library itself is great and the docs and source are top notch as well. Big thanks to everyone involved and keep up the good work!

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Hi guys,

We posted yesterday our new game in the game showcase forum: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/5951-super-driller-new-free-social-html5-online-game/
Super driller is a free social HTML5 online game on facebook (currently only for PC).  We use the awesome PIXI library for our game, we really love it! :-)
A link to the game is here: Super Driller
Also, we love to hear what you think about the game on our Super Driller Facebook page
Thank you!
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I everyone, I used pixi.js on https://www.youtab.me/


It's a syncing and notation application for chords and lyrics. It will soon support tabs and notation as well. If you're a musician you should check it out.


I had a good experience with pixi. As a former AS3 developer it was very familiar. Took some adjusting and some custom solutions but overall I'm very happy that I decided to go with pixi.


See it in action here:



Thanks to everyone involved in this project. You do a great job.





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I have just completed version 1 of a game inspired by the classic Williams game, Defender.


This is a classic side-scrolling shooter with pretty phenomenal performance based on the speed of the pixi.js engine.


Please check it out and let me know what you think!


You can play the game at: http://cleespencer.github.io

(This is a desktop game that requires a keyboard.  I'd also suggest using either Firefox 29 or greater, or a recent version of Chrome.)




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i created an experiment/game called GIANT BROCCOLI FOR THE RABBIT GOD for the arbitrary gamejam 10 (#tagjam10), using pixi.js. it features a dynamically generated fractal broccoli landscape. to my surprise, it won the competition, which means i am hosting tagjam 11 (which i will post about in another thread :) ).


you can play it here: http://bunnyherolabs.com/giantbroccoli/






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Hello everyone, I'm working in Bomberbot is a game about solving puzzles ordering a robot how to reach a star or destroy a crystal, it has a campaign mode and players can create their own levels.

By now, I want to implement a fullscreen responsive screen, someone did that before?
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